Store vs E-Lux

  1. Ok - I dont want to offend but can someone explain why they shop on E-Luxury?

    For me part of the Joy of LV is the stores themselves. I love going into a store and just smelling it, enjoy a glass of champagne, looking at all the cool vintage trunks, selecting a treasure and just soaking up my MECCA experience. Then being walked to the door and handed your goodies as you leave, OOh and the jealous stares as you walk down the street. One of my fondest memories is walking w/ my partner up the Champs-Elyses each carrying 3 HUGE LV shopping Bags - the death stares we got - OMG if look could kill.

    I would never deny myself that pleasure, esp to have my purchase turn up in a box!!!!

    Ok - so Store or E-Lux????
  2. Not everyone has a store within driving distance. Also, when they offer free shipping, along with no sales tax for most and ******, it is cheaper to buy on elux.
  3. yeah, stores are great IF you happen to have or be served by a great SA. if you don't, the whole experience can be ruined. my last visit, i didn't enjoy champagne nor was offered, didn't see any cool vintage trunks, wasn't walked to the door, and was served by a very rude and apathetic SA who plopped my bag into a dustbag and dropped it into a bag before sending me on my way.

    elux, on the other hand - you can get cash back via ******, you save on tax (esp if you're buying a lot), and you're ensured that your purchase will come nicely packaged...only downside is you don't get to choose your own bag.
  4. I love going to the boutique for several decades everyday. It is a remarkable experience just to be with all those beautiful LVs and yes, the smell is incredible. I like the excitement too when there's a new release.

    Eluxury for many is a way to save time and money on sales tax. For others and now including myself the convenience of buying an LV when there are no boutiques within a 120 mile radius or further.
  5. ^^ And put that $100 or so saved in sales tax and ****** into buying a new purse!
  6. ok thanks - i dont even have a LV in my country!!! But I travel fairly regularly... but to save a few $$$ nd not have that personal reltionship? Each to their own i suppose
  7. I used to buy LV on eLux before, but that was because I didn't know how to get to the mall. Then I did a charge send from the boutique, and started shopping at the boutique. Since the mall is 10 minutes away from where I go to school, it's easier for me to just visit the boutique and see everything IRL.
  8. I mostly buy from elux b/c it's convenient- my nearest LV is about 45 min away. I can also save on the HIGH New York state sales tax by ordering online, and if I order while they have free shipping, it's even more money saved!!
  9. i know i might sounds like a dunce but what are ******?
  10. I actually prefer ordering from Hawaii- living in CA but still 2 hours away from the nearest boutique, either way I have to pay sales tax and transportation/ shipping costs. If you order from Hawaii, which already has lower prices, you don't get charged sales tax and you only have to pay shipping if your order is under $2,000.
  11. ****** is an online "cash back" site where you get a certain percentage of your online purchases back through ****** when you shop through them. Look up Rebates, Cash Back, Discount Coupons, Online Coupons
  12. I like to shop in my pj and not have to pay for tax.
  13. LOL
  14. Well the no tax thing doesn't work for me because I'm in CA.
    Anyway the things I've bought from elux are things that the boutique may be out of or have a list for.
    For example, I got my white MC Speedy from elux before the boutiques did..and I got the Peppermint Vernis pieces from there before the boutiques did as well. It's not like that so much anymore due to the increasing popularity of elux but the things I've gotten have been before the stores got them in. That was a draw for me.
  15. Are you allowed to order from Hawaii over the phone? Or must you have a buying history there? Because I'm beginning to think this could be a potential option...