Store transfers

  1. Does anyone know if H stores transfer items from one to another? Thanks!
  2. Yep, they do. I got a card case from another store sent to the 24 Faubourg!
  3. Hi Perja, thank you! Do you think they would transfer a kelly or a birkin? Thanks again! :flowers:
  4. I don't think so, as usually transfers are done on an item against another item basis. Kellies and Birkins are so rare that another store would have no reason to give up their alotment!
  5. Yes, stores will transfer but it depends on the item, the SA, and the store!
  6. My SAs have on several occasions talked about store transfers of bags for me, but I never see fruition. :sad:
  7. HOLY CANNOLI, 24!!!!! What do I see in your new avatar!!!!!!! A SEA of red!!!!!!! (sigh)
  8. I was told that absolutely anything can be transfered...except Birkins and Kellys.......
  9. Well I just got a kelly transferred, so definately YES and it depends on whether they Owe them a bag or not.:P Clearly, I am learning, SA's play a great deal in this.
  10. It depends...especially smaller stores really don't want to do transfer Birkins and Kellys...Acutally most of stores don't transfer Birkins and Kellys. They say it's against the 'official' rule to transfer Birkins, but it really depends on your relationship with your store...:rolleyes:
  11. WHOA! Hold the PHONE! WHAT? :wtf: Did you say you got a Kelly transfered? Just recently? AFTER the anniversary Birkin????........and you thought you'd just slide that right buy us, hmmmm????? ok, sweet Star...spill it, baby.....c'mon....:nuts:
  12. :devil: muahahaha......must see her before I spill....muahahahaaaa...:devil:
  13. Always something in the works star!!!^^
  14. I know for a fact that is all depends on the customer, the SA/manager, and the hussle if you know what I mean. They tell you one thing...but I have seen another.
  15. Star, Do I recall a few questions about croc?????