Store Transfers...How Long Does It Take???

  1. Does anyone know how long it takes for an item to be transferred from one store to another? My SA requested a transfer for me last Friday (Aug. 24) from another store in the same state. It's been 8 days today since the request was made. And I did speak to her on Wed., she confirmed that the other store sent the item out.
    Am I being too impatient or does this seem a bit long?
  2. sorry couldn't help you there but i recently did a store transfer also from british columbia to ontario (not in the same province) they did overnight shipping for me.. perhaps in your situation, there was something wrong during theshipping process. I am sure they usually ship it express to avoid loss or damage of any kind
  3. Eight days seems like a lot of time for an instate transfer.
  4. hmmm... I'd think 3 days MAXimum...
  5. That's longer than I've experienced unless they didn't request the transfer right away. .
  6. Usually it's less than 5 business days...
    perhaps there was something wrong with the item and they are looking
    for a replacement piece for you?
    What did your SA say?
  7. Don't forget the weekend... Maybe your item went out the next Monday the 27th... I am sure it will be fine, keep us all posted!
  8. I called the store Saturday morning & they said my bag was there & my SA had put it on hold for me. Never got a call from her though, maybe I missed it? Anyway, I picked up my bag ASAP and now I'm one happy girl. :smile: