Store selling fakes?

  1. My relative was telling me about a store in her town that opened a few months ago. I was in it then and it was selling purses and jewelry. Inspired knockoffs....nothing fake but the shape of bags were copies of originals. So she tells me yesterday about this store and how it is packed with fakes???? I tell her I never saw one when I was there but it just opened then. She said there were so many designer tacky fakes that is was unreal. She said the store was so packed you couldn't walk without hitting a rack of bags. I was kind of shocked since the store is in a strip mall and purses are the main thing they sell. She wants to report the store to LV and does not know how to go about it. She took some pictures with her digital camera when she was in the store.
    Thoughts on her next step?????
  2. Call the police and report it to them. They bust those stores all the time!
  3. Agree!
  4. Call the police and call the 800# from the LV site and ask the cust. serv. reps where to call or write LV.
  5. I would also contact your local LV store and notify them. I'm sure they would like to know about it as well.
  6. The hic town she lives in probably will not do anything about it. I think they would find it a joke and not bother.
  7. As long as she is selling "designer inspired" bags there isn't any law being broke.
  8. I would contact the police and hopefully they will do something. Keep us posted.
  9. oh they need to be busted..:cursing:
    what about calling to the LV directly?? may be it helps.
  10. There was a kiosk selling fakes in a mall near my home. I reported them to mall management. I informed the management that the sell was committing a crime and that the mall could be held liable for allow the illegal activity to take place. I also told them I would be contacting the Internation Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition and the copyright holders. I explained the connection between counterfeit goods and child labor, organized crime, and terrorism. I did contact the IACC and the copyright holders the same day I contacted the mall management. The mall responded by making the seller remove all the fakes. The kiosk eventually closed. Try contacting the strip mall owner/management and report the store here too:
  11. She said they were now selling fakes in most of the designer lines. These were true fakes not the designer inspired stuff I saw months ago. When I was there the store was quite empty and had a lot of room to walk. So I guess they got a ton of fake things in and are trying to sell them. I will pass on the information to her. Thanks.
  12. a few boutiques in my small town sell fakes. what's sad is that ppl think they are real. one of the gals that hangs out in our group has a "kate spade" that she got from this boutique and says that the store owner has a direct link to the factory, LOL. um, sure she does. she has links to the fendi factory, gucci factory, and prada factory too, eh? i don't know her well enough to tell her it's a fake. many ppl just don't know any better and probably don't care which makes ppl like us who do care and understand what fake bags mean to the world very angry. ignorance is bliss!
  13. Please report the store, call LV or the mall management.
  14. One of those stores was recently closed a few towns over from where I live. My aunt would buy what she calls her "fugazies" there. I told here to take me there as I just had to see with my own eyes but they were closed down. Funny aunt hands me a damier cles with this funny look on her face and I took it from her. I'm sitting there looking at it and the shape was off so I knew immediately "fugazie" (fake). I tried to open it and the zipper was stuck :nogood: But when I finally got it open and pulled out the key holder I just stared amazed!! It was on the wrong side of the couldn't use the key chain and close the cles at the same time!!! I was (I shoud say we were) laughing so hard I almost cried.
  15. sorry to say this, but if the police and bag manufacturers were really really serious about getting rid of the fakes they could. I was down in the Canal Street area 2 weeks ago (my jeweler is on the Bowery around the corner and we eat in the Chinatown area) Police were on every corner and stores were selling FAKES of all most everything. If they busted all these stores and kept doing it they would be out of business, instead they do it once every 6 months or so, get it in the papers and then the next day it is business as usually down there.