Store Refunds

  1. Hello everyone, I'm not that familiar with Coach as I'm usually over in the LV forum. :shame: I would like to know if Coach stores has a time frame for refunds (i.e: 30 days, etc) - I looked at the back of the receipt and on the website but it doesn't state a time frame, just that they'll accept returns if the tags are attached and item is in saleable condition. :shrugs:

    I bought a wristlet in November but never got around to using it (so it's still NWT) and I can use the extra cash now since the spring semester of school is starting soon and I'll need to get textbooks. Do you think I can still return it without any problems? I'd go to the store and try but if there is a time frame that I don't know about, I can save myself a trip to the store.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Yes you can still return it. Just as long you got the receipt and tags attached and never been used Coach will have no problem with you returning it. HTH!
  3. yay! thanks!!! :yahoo:
  4. Your welcome!
  5. Coach has NO TIME LIMIT for returns/exchange. As long as you have your Receipt or Gift Receipt and your item still New and has it's price tag attached, you shouldn't have any problems returning it or exchanging it. I just returned some times from 2 yrs ago to the Coach Outlet (where they were originally purchased) and had no problems doing so. Supposedly, (anyone please correct me if I'm wrong), the only limitation is that Coach Boutique items can be returned/exchanged at either the Boutique or Outlet but Coach Outlet items can't be returned/exchanged at the Boutique but only at the Outlet.
  6. I've returned Outlet items at the boutiques before so it's possible. Just as long you got your receipt and tags attached. The boutique was closer to me so i took a trip down there for a return and had no problems.
  7. What I was told by my SA is that if you return an outlet purchase at the boutique, you will only get a store credit.
  8. I just called the two closet Coach stores from me and they said they accept returns and will give you back the same form of payment you purchased it with. They will give you store credit if you don't have a receipt.
  9. This is correct to my knowledge. One time a SA put the money back on my card and they called 15 min later to say the return was rejected because it was an outlet purchase. I was still in the mall so I returned and they gave me a store merchandise card.

    Now, I honestly don't think that it rejected, I think the girl (or her manager) discovered the error and cancelled my return. Although I had been told they would only give me store credit, I thought I was mistaken.
  10. Wow that's weird. I've returned some outlet items to the store and got cash back or credit back to my card with no problems. I've done it before but wanted to verify that you can get your money back instead of just store credit so i called two different Coach stores and they told me the same thing, that I would get the form of payment i used back. So i don't know maybe it depends on the store or manager. I usually shop at the coach stores/outlets in california and nevada, so maybe they're different?? IDK...