Store Recommendations for an American in London?

Mar 31, 2009
Hi all, I'm traveling to London in May, and would love recommendations on stores to visit while I'm there. Delvaux and Moynat are on my list, but that's it so far. From the photos I've seen online, I don't think Launer is for me. I am most interested in things that are harder to find and/or significantly more expensive on my side of the pond, but I'd also love consignment store recommendations. My style is generally minimalist/modern --Celine, Marni, Lanvin etc.

Mar 23, 2013
You'll find most brands in Knightsbridge and Sloan Street area. A visit to Harrods is a must. There's also a consignment store in the area on Brompton Road called Designer Exchange. I think they have a website where they list most of the bags they have :smile: have fun!
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