Store Order Tracking

  1. I went into the the San Francisco Shopping Centre store to buy the legacy stripe ponytail scarf, but they were out so I had to order it. I really want to track the order so I can have a better estimate of when it'll come. My SA told me it'd come in 5-7 business days, but I really want something more percise. I tried using the tracking tool on the Coach website, but it gave the message "No order status found for this order number in the system." I even tried the FedEx website, but to no avail.
    If you know of any other way, please help!
  2. Did the SA get your email address, or already have it on file? If so, you should get a shipping email. It usually never happens right away, more like a couple of days. If not, you could call customer service tomorrow and ask, and maybe offer your email address for their records and future shipments.
  3. No- the SA never asked for an email, and I've never given it at any coach outlet or boutique. I guess I'll have to call.

    Thanks, Mazie!
  4. Call Customer Service 800-444-3611, to ask for your order number. Then you can input that number on the Order Status page along with your shipping zip code. Once it's been shipped, the FEDEX tracking number will appear there for you to see when it's scheduled to arrive.

    Enjoy your purchase!
  5. I always call the 1-800 number for Coach whenever I place an order in store. They usually give me the FEDEX tracking number which I just enter at
  6. Thanks for asking that question. I had ordered the Lion Keyfob Saturday. Now it's off the website and I am wondering if I am going to get it. Haven't had anything refunded to my cc. Cross your fingers for me.
  7. Call up the store where you went to and where the order was placed from. The sales associate should be able to give you a tracking no. which you can follow up online (like if it's Fedex, go to the Fedex website).