store opening party

  1. has anyone been to one?

    i think i might be invited to one, i said i think because i'm not sure (only my SA has told me but i haven't seen the real invitation.. so i don't want to get my hopes too hight lol!)

    anything to expect other than the champagne? lol

    i hope we can take pics, that would be awesome
  2. I am SURE you won't be able to take pics! :sad:
  3. hello andr114! another LV store to open in Melbourne? that's interesting :smile:
  4. I went to the one down here a couple of years ago and it was nice. I wasn't able to take pics, especially because they had this walk through garden area they had done especially for the opening. You walked through and they had various iconic and LE bags and trunks in lucite cases for people to look at.
  5. I'd be interested to know what an opening is like as the last one I was invited to (the re-opening of the SF store) I couldn't attend because I was overseas at the time. I did however keep the four invitations that we received!
  6. no, its not for melbourne. its for beijing