Store not listed in Store Locator

  1. Hi everyone, this is my very first post. ;) I am very new to Coach purses and I want to make sure that my first purchase will be an authentic purse. There is a store in my town, Von Maur that sells Coach purses but it is not on the store locater when I search. However, it lists two other Von Maurs in towns far from where I live that sells the purses.

    bottom line, I should be able to trust the purses from the Von Maur in my town even though it is not listed on the Store Locater page, right?

  2. Yes. But it doesn't hurt to learn some about authenticity in case someone tricks the system & returns a fake.
  3. i go to von maur all the time, i bought my first purse there. they dont' sell fakes. the von maur in moline, il isn't on there but they have the same things as all the others