Store location in Netherlands

  1. hi gals,

    I am going to Amsterdam next week and wanna shop for a handbag. Could you gals help me find out stores that carry balenciaga bags? I've desperately searched from google but nothing turns up except "Van Ravenstein".

    Many thanks:smile:
  2. Hi,

    As far as I know Van Ravenstein is the only store in the Netherlands that sells Balenciaga.
  3. As far as i know thats the only Balenciaga store in Holland. I am so sorry no more. I dont know their collection. But U have to go and look over there. U can also call them. Its better to plan a trip to Antwerpen Belgium they have more stores for B-bags.
    Have a nice stay in my country.
    Hugs Fx:heart:
  4. What is van Ravenstein like? Do they usually have a big selection of Balenciaga? I had hoped to go to Holland this summer, but by the time I started checking plane tickets the prices were too high for me!!! :sad:
  5. I've never been to Van Ravenstein (yet!) but I'm guessing their selection isn't that big since they also sell many other designers.

    FX, what are the best places in Antwerp to get a B bag? Do they have a big selection?
  6. Sorry beaverhausen i didnt see your tread til now.
    I always go to louis, I think thats the best.
    There is also SN3, But the last time i was there, they had a very fake looking bag in their shop, so be careful.
    It had the tassles coiled up round and it was a city with long handles and 3555 on the tag. When i came home i checked Atelier naff and after that i was sur its fake.
    So the next day i called then and asked for the chef, but i had to mail my complainds, they wil let me know.
    But i didnt hear anything from them so think what U want, but i go somewhere else.
    Labels for les have sometimes secondhand bags.
    Hope i could be some help to U sorry for being so late.
    Hugs FX:heart: