Store etiquette?

  1. Do you think there is such a thing called store/shopping etiquette?

    I can shop/window shop with my sister comfortably, but it drives me nuts when I go shopping with my friend. She is all about, "oh this is expensive", "this a mortgage payment", "this is for rich poeple", etc. She is a dear friend, and I avoid shopping with her, but sometimes it happens that we are close to a shop where I like to browse. And the comments gets on my nerves, and the snooty SA get even snootier when they hear her.

    I may not be able to afford everything in the store, but at least I know how to carry myself. What would you do or say?
  2. i would just tell her that you feel uncomfortable with her acting like that... in an nice way
  3. I really don't think there is anything you can say. I would just continue to avoid shopping with that friend if she's going to criticize everything you come across/admire. I'm only 20 and I would *never* bring a friend with me to buy LV or anything high-end just because though they know I carry the real thing I would feel uncomfortable if they knew the pricetag. I'm probably not much help. But basically just buy whatever makes you happy and don't worry about your friend! :yes:
  4. Oh !! I have friends like that. I avoid shopping wiht them at all costs because they are NO fun!! Find sometihing else to do with them :p
  5. I will just avoid shopping with that friend. Or I will tell that friend that what she's doing is making me feel uncomfortable. If she is truly my friend, she will have to spare a thought for me and try to change.

    I have a very dear friend who also thinks branded goods are a waste of money. She don't really care much for brands and stuff, but she won't tell me not to buy them or make nasty comments because she knows it's my choice and I'm happy.
  6. Just shop alone! I can only shop with my mom,sister, and dh-maybe one other friend because we buy the same things. But seriously, flying solo is the best way.
  7. i woudl just pick the right person for the right kind of store :tup:
  8. Yeah usually I just shop with my mom, sister and cousin-in-law...they are the only ones who understand. But my friends? I'm actually going to the Short Hills mall with one...I'm taking my chances, but i don't forsee a problem. She's really quiet and would never make comments about what I'm purchasing.

    But I would def. leave the other friends at home!
  9. I would probably not bring that friend with me when shopping for LV. She can still be a great friend for other things, but maybe just not while you're shopping...
  10. If in front of a snooty SA again, I would tell her in a low voice "you're embarrassing yourself" :p
  11. I don't think there's much u can say to make her change, i would just avoid shopping with that friend if she acts like that.
  12. I'm wondering if this aspect of her personality comes into other areas of your friendship?
    It's hard at some point to teach people different attitudes about money and materialistic preferences and choices.
  13. i accept my friend as they are....right time and right for everything..:yes:
  14. If shes your close friend I dont see why you can't tell her that you don't like her behaving that way.
  15. I suggest shopping alone - that way nobody is uncomfortable. Try thinking about it on her point of view - she may also be uncomfortable shopping in high-end stores. No bag is worth losing a good friendship.