Store Credit???

May 1, 2006
Has anyone ever returned anything to an MK store and received a store credit?

I returned a gift of earrings, with a gift receipt, and since there was nothing in the store I wanted I asked for a store credit. They brought out another person (I assume a manager) and she gave me what basically looks like a receipt. It doesn't really say store credit on it...and I'm afraid if I try to use it in the future that I'll get strange comments/looks since it really just looks like a receipt.

Am I being crazy here? Thanks.
Jan 23, 2008
Nope, you're not crazy and you'll be fine when you go to use the credit. I have a 'store credit' too and it looks just like a receipt. My DD was Christmas shopping with her Grandmother and I asked her to pick up a charm for me. I gave her the cash for the charm, however, DD mistakenly purchased the wrong one, which was $10.00 more. I went the next day to see if they had the charm I wanted so I could exchange it and luckily they did. The SA said the charms were 'flying out of the store'. Because I paid in cash and there was a $10.60 refund due to me, I was told they don't give cash refunds in the store (they can mail you a check which I was told takes a loooong time), so I was given a store credit receipt for $10.60!! I didn't know they didn't give cash back when you pay cash for something, as I always use my debit card (hardly ever have cash on hand). Anyway, my store credit looks just like yours, but I would check on it often because the ink fades on that thermal paper and $10 or not, I don't want to loose it because you can't read the receipt anymore. Because of this and their terrible return/exchange policy (you have 14 days from the date of purchase), I prefer to purchase my MK items at Nordstrom or Macys, but the MK Boutique was the only place that carried this charm. I don't understand why they don't have the plastic crards for gift cards or store credits like everyone else. Sorry, didn't mean for my response to be so long!
May 1, 2006
Thanks so much! I think it's crazy they give receipts as a store credit. Don't they have gift cards? I would think it would be a better practice to put a credit on a plastic card, but oh well.

I wanted to exchange the earrings I got for the golden buckle bangle, but they didn't have it.


Mar 17, 2010
I just received one like this today. I,too, will try to purchase from a dept. store only, as i find their customer service and polices horrific. I returned an item with a gift receipt today and was told that I could not get store credit, only exchange instore. I argued because the receipt and a plaque right at the register said store credit could be given. Finally after arguing, I got my store credit.