Store credit?

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  1. HI, i have a question for everybody who has ever returned a goodie at LV...

    I have a relative, who has a LV-receipt of returning an bag with LV. The receipts says that there is a store credit of 500 euros,(actually the amount is marked in minus), returnable within 1 year.
    The receipt is not in my name, but the person would sell it to me for a reasonable price, because she doens't like LV.
    For me it is a great gift, but I am feeling a little bit scared! What if I go into LV, choose some nice goodies, and want to pay with the receipt. Will the SA ask me questions about my name,former purchases...?

    Is the original receipt that says -500€ enough? ANy help is welcome :confused1:
    I dont want to be in the store when they tell me that the store credit is not valid!!!
  2. they ask for photo id when you use a store credit so if you are not the person who's name is on the receipt most stores won't honor it. If you have a good relationship with an SA or the person is willing to go to the store with you, then you can use it. Or you can have the person buy a gift card with the credit and sell you that instead.
  3. Maybe a stupid question...but... if I go to the LV shop, and I just say that I am coming to exchange my store credits, are they going ta ask me if I am the same person as the one who's name is on the receipt? That sounds a little odd to me?
  4. Yes. When you go pay and you hand them the receipt with the store credit on it they will ask for ID to verify that you are the person that it says on the receipt. Its just a way to know you didn't steal the receipt i guess.
  5. get her to trade it in for a gift card and voila. Problm solved.:heart:

  6. great idea... does it work? :confused1:
  7. Get her to come with you to the store and purchase it and you pay her back after or like others said, get her to buy a gift card with it!
  8. No, it's not odd for them to do that since they keep a record of clients in their database. IMO, I think it's actually good that they do this to make sure that receipts aren't stolen, which was already mentioned by another post.

    I suggest to have the person who owns the receipt come in with you to LV :tup: