Store Credit! What to buy?


which bag?

  1. legacy flap in rose

  2. legacy flap in whiskey

  3. katy tote

  4. lilac tote

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  1. I was given a Coach store credit for about $150 :yahoo: and I don't know what to spend it on! There are quite a few things I want, but I haven't bought any Coach since I bought my pink vintage carryall. What I've narrowed it down to ...

    1 & 2. Legacy Leather Flap in either Whiskey or Rose
    [​IMG] [​IMG] (yeah, wrong bag, but to show color)

    I love this bag! It is the cheapest of the bunch, and I was thinking about asking for it for Christmas (since it's the cheapest :angel:) but I don't know if it will be around then. SAs ... any idea? Are they selling fast?

    3. Katy Travel Tote
    I love the stripe and would love a nice tote! But now that I'm rethinking it, I don't know if I'd use it much for nontraveling purposes ... and I only travel 4-6 times a year.

    4. Suede Signature Beaded Tote in Lilac

    I LOVE this bag. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Love the color, love the embossing ... but it is light suede and even though I'd protect it, I don't know if I would baby it too much.

    HELP ME CHOOSE! I have not been into the store to see any of these yet for fear I would blow all of my Christmas + Vacation money on all of them. :biggrin:
  2. I picked up the suede tote and tried it on. It doesn't fit well on the shoulder and the straps are too close together. I would rule that out!
  3. I like the Katy tote, but i also like the legacy flaps, especially in rose.
  4. Coming from a small bag kind of gal, I actually find that the legacy flap is too small, bigger then my usual interest, but to me its like a wider wristlet. But my youngest cousin has one and she loves it. I love LOVE that tote in lilac. I think the striped tote is too big, and though I love the stripes its too much. But what I would say is if you don't get the tote, get the flap.
  5. ^^and of course post picts!!!
  6. oh really? darn, I was hoping it would be a bit bigger. I might go with one of the totes then ... the legacy shoulder bag reminds me too much of my daphne.
  7. i like the brown one
  8. I actually have store credit for 160 if I don't find the reciept, if I do then I'll have 100, and don't know what to do with it, maybe use it on the madison.
  9. I like the lilac tote.
  10. I voted for the katy. The lilac is gorgeous but it's all suede!
  11. I love the legacy flap in rose. I just love that color. It's so original.
  12. I voted for the legacy flap in rose. If you get the light colored suede tote you won't be able to use it for everyday use if you do it would get dirty quickly and the katy tote is huge. The rose color is so beautiful and the leather is practical & made for everyday wear.
  13. Thanks guys! I'm loving the legacy flap too, but if it's too small, I'll get something else. Maybe I'll pop into a store this weekend while I'm on vacation to browse.
  14. Don't forget the Legacy Shoulder Zip if you want something between the Legacy Flap and Legacy Shoulder Bag
  15. The katy travel tote is so colorful and unique and a great size! Don't forget to look at that while you are at the store!!! :biggrin: