store credit question

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  1. have any of you tried to return a bag and planning to get store credits but the store refused to give you store credits? (assuming the goods you purchased haven't been used at all or are still in excellent condition)

    well i bought this bag for my mum as a present, and my mum doesn't like the bag and i couldn't find a replacement that she likes at the moment, thats why i want to get store credits for the time being.

    the store in beijing told me that they dont give out store credits as "it is not a legal procedure in china" but the weird thing is... i contacted louis vuitton using their website contact form thingy, and they said all stores worldwide can issue store credits. so obviously someone is lying LOL!

    so i replied again to the email telling them what happened, and they said they are going to check and get back to me again.

    i think its funny how the store can made such a lame excuse, i mean i know its at the manager discretion to grant store credits or not.. but they don't have to make such excuse to not wanting to give out store credits.

    i don't think i'm over-reacting, or do i?
  2. If you're in Aus. you can certainly get a store credit as long as it's returned within 14 days(?) but I assume you're in Beijing right now.....I've never bought anything from China's LV.....any fine prints below the receipt?/ try calling the store and ask for the manager. Good luck!
  3. ^Definitely contact the manager at Beijing. Sometimes SAs are clueless to standard store policies. Good Luck!
  4. yup, check your receipt and see what it says. btw how long ago did you make the purchase?
  5. often times when you "checkout" they make you initial the bottom of the receipt acknowledging the 14 day return clause. i would presume that LV would have the same policy worldwide but definitely contact the store mgr for assistance.
  6. When I was checking out today the SA said cash if returned within 14 days and store credit after that up to 31 days. But we have interesting consumer laws in Massachusetts
  7. i have checked the receipt, and it says that (loose translation) "if you need to withdraw the bills, you can do so once (one time) within 30 days"

    it doesnt even specify cash or store credits...
  8. I think LV boutiques around the world have slightly different rules... In Montreal, even if you exchange/return something within 14 days and you ask for a store credit, some of our SAs refuse to give out the credit which is quite weird imo... cuz credits kinda guarantees the store that they won't give back money, but they choose/prefer to give back money (cash or CC)anyway?!? I dunno...:shrugs: So I wouldn't be surprised if the LV boutique in China says the same thing
  9. 14 days for refund and 30 days for store credit world wide unless prohibited by local law/regulations. Definitely contact manager in Beijing, I am 100% Asian, but sry to say Chinese SA can make the lamest excuse I've ever heard (can't show you unless you agree to pay, ask pp move in front of airplane to 'balance' heavy cargo in the end when fly attendants want to lay flat on the seats in the entire back area.....)
    did u pay by RMB or charge on credit card? Try a charge back if you paid w/credit card. Majority of time they refuse to do any return/exchange b/c it look bad on the report, you'd have to fight for it.
  10. i asked my SA today,LV Australia . no cash refund is allowed, store credit or exchange can be made within one month in any store nation wide. store credit can last for a year.