store credit - help?!

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  1. Hi guys,

    About two years ago, I exchanged a WOC at the Toronto boutique. The one I ended up with was about $200 less and so, I was issued store credit. I plan on going to the store tomorrow but now that I think about it- is the store credit just linked to my account? I didn't receive the store credit via any physical gift card and I don't have the receipt anymore.

    This is probably a very silly question but can someone clarify? I'm just unsure...
  2. I believe you should be in the system. I wouldn't worry.
  3. It's worth calling the boutique to check. I was recently issued with a credit for a faulty item, which had to be sent to Paris. Paris issued the credit to my account (so it can only be used in stand alone boutiques), they also advised it is only valid for 1 year.
    The policy may be different between Canada and the U.K., but definitely worth checking beforehand.

  4. Sometimes I think you get a better answer on dicey issues if you are standing there in person.
  5. I recently got a store credit as well. The assistant manager told me to hold on to the gift card because its like cash and losing it would mean losing the credit. They do not have any record of my credit on my account. I believe the back of my gift card says the same thing. I live in Toronto, Canada so if youre in the US or somewhere else, it might be different. Call the boutique and ask.
  6. I also have a recent store credit from the Toronto boutique, came on a gift card (same one that you'd get buying a gift card for someone else). It doesn't expire, I can use it at any Canadian Chanel (boutique or inside Holts) and if lost I cannot reclaim the value.
    Let us know what happens, I'm curious.

  7. Sorry for the late reply!

    Luckily, I did receive the credit :smile: At the time, my credit appeared on a piece of paper that looks just like a receipt. This was a few years ago, nowadays I believe it comes on a gift card. The manager was kind enough to let me retain mine, conditional on the fact that my name has not changed (i.e. gotten married, etc). She could see the credit on my account.