Store credit card

  1. Hello everyone!

    Do you get any discount on Chanel when you open a credit card in stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue? Does anyone know?

  2. I know for sure, Neiman does not give discounts when opening CC. I dont have a Saks card.
  3. No, almost never a discount, but often a free gift, then you get other little perks.
  4. No, NM doesn't have a discount... But you do get points for shopping!! XD
  5. Saks does. And you can use it in the designer handbags, even Chanel. They don't give it to you at checkout, it's taken off of your bill when you get it.
  6. My NM in San Diego has this thing where if you spend X amount on the first day you open your card, you get Z amount on a gift card in the mail. It's some sort of sliding scale and if you return the items, you'll lose the gift card. I would check out your local NM to see what they have....
  7. yeah NM doesnt give discount, its better to go with Saks!