Store CC question and LV?

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  1. I know some Macy*s have LV boutiques inside. Can you use your Macy*s card on LV purchases?
  2. ^^^wow that is cool, I wish the Macys here had that boutique!
  3. i know at saks and neiman's you can, so based on that, i would say yes. since it's sold at macy*s then you should be able to use your macy*s card.
  4. The Macy's here has at tops Coach. I was going to call the NY store that has a boutique and order something if they do that. I want to know if you can use them. (I don't want to call and ask them because I would feel stupid)
  5. I know that the Macy*s at the Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden City, L.I., NY) has an LV boutique right in the middle of the store. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use your store charge card.
  6. Yes, you can definately use your Macy's charge.
  7. what are you getting?:biggrin:
  8. Wow - an LV inside Macy's!???! That's cool!
  9. I dunno. Maybe a white MC Speedy 30 ;)
  10. Answer is yes! ENjoy!
  11. that would be great if you could! once you open an account with macys you get a 15% or 20% off your entire purchase for the day!
  12. Some Macy's have an LV boutique? What? :nuts: OMG! I might be getting my Speedy sooner than expected :lol:
  13. There's usually a healthy list of exclusions unfortunately. :sad:
  14. Yes. The Macy's store in Roosevelt Field, here on Long Island, has a Vuitton boutique. And yes, one could use their Macy's card there.
  15. It doesn't work on LV (lease department is the term they use in the fine print).