Store Bought vs Reseller Bought - How Does it Feel?

  1. My very modest H collection comes mostly from my DH's (and occasionally my) world travels. That being the case we do not have a relationship with any particular SA although he is a repeat customer at Madison Ave - but not very frequently.

    With this in mind my DH has suggested perhaps I buy my first Birkin from one of the trusted resellers you ladies have kindly listed here. Now I have no problem with any of that but I wonder how it feels to buy a bag that way as I never have.

    I love the retail experience, the dressing up, the shopping, the tissue paper, the boxes, bags and ribbons, the tea afterward. Swinging the bag as you stroll out of the store walking tall. I really feel like that is an important part of the whole aquisition.

    I know many of you have bought things from resellers and I wonder about your stories - especially if you bought your first H bag this way. I'm not worried about authenticity, you have allayed my fears on that.

    I'm concerned that being in my sweats when a not-so-hunky Fedex man brings me a parcel will take the shine off my first time :shame:

    Or... will all my doubts fade away when I open the orange box?
  2. This part caught my eyes. They serve you tea when you bought something from them? Dammit, I want tea too!!!

    Anyways, I prefer the retail experience. Regardless of what I bought, there's always something special about exiting the store with that orange bag (of any size). :yes:
  3. I got my first (and only) birkin from a member of another board. It was still a thrill. I expect to get my next in the next few months from the boutique. I can't imagine it will be more exciting.
  4. O:huh:Oooooohhh...please do tell your stories! I too, would like to know if one would feel any different!
  5. A new acquisition is always a thrill for me. But there is nothing like the thrill of the chase in the store...the plotting, the planning, the timing, the interaction...and then the final throes of nailing down what bag it is you are going to get.
    But I don't get tea, either!
  6. I should clear that up - I wasn't served tea at Hermes... I like to go for afternoon tea (or Champagne) after shopping, any kind of shopping.
  7. double post see below.
  8. Well I've gone both ways.

    The reseller way is very stressful. Once you finally find one you are comfy with then the waiting, tracking package and worrying really begins. It arrives (never early it seems) and you rip the box open and stare and stare then get your butt into the car as quickly as possible and to the nearest Hermes to have it "cleaned" so you can verify its authenticity and then you hmmm and haw shifting from one foot to the other while Manuela the craftsman, looks at every inch of it and finally I can't help myself and I burst out "WELL????" and she nods and smiles and all is okay. Except wait, the bag is still not coming home with me because it has to be "cleaned" so I won't see it for 4-6 weeks. Finally 6ish weeks later I get it brought out in a sleeper in plastic wrap and the SA wishes me well and oohhs and aaahs over it and I leave the store. Super duper long process and usually its not even less money than retail.

    Then at Hermes either when buying a Special Order or just an impulse buy, I am offered the bag that has just been released from shrink wrap. The other SAs come over to oooh and aaaah over how marvelous it looks on ME and then I give the nonchalant nod. "Yes I can give it a home." The SA disappears to wrap it up and another brings me champagne (or tea if I am pregnant) and I sip it and am DYING INSIDE OF GLEE but feel it is inappropriate to be so giddy outwardly. I am handed the HUGE bag which I parade around the entire day as I continue to shop because I am on a huge rush. I feel everyone looking at the Hermes bag inwardly wondering what the lucky girl has inside. Then I come home, pour myself some wine and open it and play with it and suck my stomach in and stand in front of the mirror mesmerized by its beauty and how it makes me look taller, thinner, happier and chicer.

    All in all I prefer the boutique vs. reseller. BUT I am so grateful that there are resellers because often times the boutique just doesn't have what I want and there are times that patience is NOT a virtue and a reseller satisfies those times.
  9. Gazoo...amazing description...

    I went reseller once...a long, long time ago...I am way too OCD...had to sell her myself a few months was me... from

    Edit to add...I have to turn sideways to "suck it in" either really is the carbs, wine, salt and a bit of chocolate...not H in this case...
  10. I know I'm totally off topic but Hermes has TEA readily available????? I've only been offered water ... (in a nice Cristol St. Louis glass tho).

    Gah, I LOVE tea ... I'll bet tea from Hermes tastes much better too.

    Kou who can't get over the tea thing
  11. Gazoo, I love your story...thanks for sharing !
  12. :roflmfao: I do all this too! You had me literally laughing in front of the computer here. Why do we all suck our tummies in when we're looking in the mirror? It's just us!:smile:
  13. They do have champagne...I don't believe they do vodka to my knowledge (at SCP)... ;)
  14. ^^ Thank YOU!

    Kou - Hermes will pretty much give you anything you request if you request it nicely. I've had coffee, wine, champagne and yes even tea. I was pregnant and honestly it may have been brought in from another place as it did take a few minutes longer than normal. But I've found that a pregnant woman gets spoiled rotten at these luxury stores. Probably helps that I am super nice to everyone each and every time. They offer my children water each time I am in the store also and each gets her own bottle.
  15. I am very much an H store girl when it comes to bag buying. I am happy buying scarves (which are not available at the store) etc from resellers.