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  1. Since there is no LV sold anywhere in Finland I don´t really know the deal with the customer accounts. I know they take your name and address and make you an account but; if you go to a different store, do they open another account? Or is it universal? TIA
  2. Ummm, AFAIK, they can track your account globally...'cos I asked this at my store when my husband went to Italy just last month. So technically, you need just 1 account. HTH...

    Forgot to add that I'm not sure about Elux accounts though and how they keep track of those with the boutique...
  3. Interesting, so this means that wen I go to Valencia, Spain in January and hopefully purchase my first bag and wallet :yahoo:, they will register me as a customer. And then when the LV store finally opens in Norway, they can see that I have an account? And hopefully give me great service :yes:
  4. They definitely didn't track my account from Canada while in France.. why do I know this ? Because they spelled my name wrong.. nice ! AND I gave them my passport to look at.
  5. ^LOL! Yeah..they're funny that way! At 1 point in time, I had 3 accounts going on..All the same spelling but 1 had a space between my first and middle name, another didn't have the space and another had it in all caps! Yes, I forgot to mention that their system's case if u want them to keep track across states/ctries, it's best that u make sure that u give them the same name, with the spaces/caps in their proper places...and oh, check their spelling...
  6. I think I have at least 3 accounts going on...different variations of my last name, my address :sweatdrop: I'm too lazy to fix it...
  7. Thanks guys :flowers: So basically the account´s are universal and there should only be one but in reality there are multiple :P
  8. I asked my SA because I thought it would be nice to have ALL my purchases under one account or whatever it's called but he said for now, they can only see what I bought in Canada and whatever I bought in US or Europe will only be visible to US stores or European stores. Am I making sense?:nuts:
  9. Uhm ... I don't think they track you through Europe. I've bought LV through most of Europe and each time I'm in new country I give them my name etc.
  10. I mean European counties (France, Italy, etc.) would all have separate records of your purchases. It's early here and I haven't had my coffee yet!!!:nuts:
  11. I know in asia, they are seperate too. I had to give all my info in the Philippines....I even asked, I should be in the system....they said, no seperate database. Ditto when I went to HK.
  12. when i have shopped in differnt stores in the same country they ask me if i have shopped at LV Australia before, so they have our accounts nation wide, but not internationally.
  13. I wonder if LV will merge different names under one account? My hubby & BIL buy me stuff under their names....I wish it was all under my name :sad:
  14. I've wondered about that too, half of my purchases are under my husbands name
  15. Thank you!!:flowers::flowers: We are planning a trip to sweden and london next year so that is why I asked.