Storage solution and suggestions?

  1. very cute idea with the desk!! PLEASE take before, during and after pics of the whole process and please we can experience and help you through out this fun process!! as some have already mentioned..putting pics of each bag on the dust bag which will make it easier for you to see before you go nuts and start randomly pulling bags out..and as for the scarves,,,i think these are super cute!! Maybe you can find a way to hang them on the wall somewhere or something instead of the closet!
  2. Great suggestions, thanks!
  3. thinking of getting a display stand or two (the kind they use in the boutiques!) to hang a bag on a rotating basis so I can just see some color.... like the huggable hangers idea too!
  4. Oh that wire owl is mad cute, thanks!

    Yes, actually I was thinking of documenting the whole process...
  5. Oh, yes please! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see pics!!
  6. I also wanted to add, the IKEA Expedit makes a good handbag storage solution (so good choice!) because the units are quite deep. Deeper than I generally care for when storing books, but perfect for handbags. :smile:
  7. That owl is so cute!
  8. Ikea sells closet storage accessories too, I know I've seen something for belts/ scarves. I use one of those hanging jewelry organizers for mine ( at Tuesday mornings, usually on an end cap)
  9. I have one of those hanging jewelry organizers for my keyfobs. It holds a ton. You can fit scarves in the pockets too. I thought I had too many keyfobs, but the organizer has 66 pockets so I don't have to stop collecting!
  10. We just moved and have a storage room in our apt. I used tension shower rods and a jewelry organizer for the small stuff. The awesome thing is the room has no natural sunlight that will get in. I'm ordering a shoe organizer to go on the back of the door for all my wallets. Didn't have a ton of space in the new place for my bags to have their own room, but this works fantasticly!!
    image-656866333.jpg image-1948913908.jpg
  11. That is awesome - I love the wristlets hanging from the tension rod!
  12. its it cute!!!
  13. That is awesome - I love the wristlets hanging from the tension rod!
  14. Love the organization and display!!!