Storage Question & Suggestions Please

  1. Part A of my question
    regarding storage -
    I have a Monogram Riveting Handbag. It's been in it's dust bag for the last month or so. I did unbuckle & remove the straps out of fear of too much "strain" on the leather. Should I keep the bag in the gift box, dust bag or allow more contact with air. Also where the straps are curved (shaped?) there is a bit of tiny cracking in appearance. Not splits in the leather just like dry skin? DH says that's normal leather aging. Is it? Should I condition them? I can take a pic of that helps. I put this bag up a month ago and am surprised at her light tan that she's developing!!!

    and onto Part B .. sorry I'm still new to LV and love having everyone here's expertise as a resource so I hope it's not too redundant for everyone here.

    DH said I could get a new accessory Friday. Decided I don't need another new bag just yet - don't want to give DH a stroke at the addiction level - :push: and I'm torn .. I'll probably get 2 items. I like the MC Fleur Key Holder, Monogram Groom Cles and the Trunk & Bags Mini Pochette. (I know this is more then 2 so I need help narrowing down the field) I want something to go inside my Mini Lin Speedy 30 (ebene) to help organize the extra "schtuff". The regular mini Pochette is bigger (could also be carried as a quickie bag I guess) so is it a better choice the the Trunk & Bags one. Would anyone have a better recommendation (not sure if I'm brave enough to mix damier with it) of a nice "staple accessory"? What's your can't live without extras inside your bags?

    Thanks for your help and guidance!!!
  2. Just store the bag in its dustbag, in a cool dry place. The tanning of the leather is probly due to humidity and part of the aging process. I also suggest you get the trunks and bags mini pochette. Its too cute to pass up!
  3. I agree, I am bad because I keep my bags in their boxes too often, but my SA suggests only keeping them in their dustbags so they can breathe. I would for certain get the Groom and the Trunks and Bags mini pouchette, both are limited editions and super cute! Be sure to post pics after your trip to LV!
  4. I was just told also don't keep the bags in the boxes , only keep them in the dust bag when not in use.I like the mini pochette and the cles. What about mini pouchette and a mono 4 keyholder, If you don't need two pouch like things. Good luck
  5. I keep my bags in their dustbags inside their boxes, but I drilled two 1-inch holes in all of my boxes so there's air circulation. I can't seem to part with my LV boxes. LOL

    If you can, get the LE items first such as the Groom and/or the Trunks and Bags mini pochette. Other than my preference for having a wallet to match my bags, I usually like having items from other lines in my bag. It's really a treat for the eyes --- so feel free to mix it up a bit. Good luck!!
  6. hehe how about a MC wapity case !! i love this cute little baby to death!
  7. I have the T&B and would suggest buying it.

    I only keep my bags in their dustbags.
  8. I also keep my bags in their dustbags. I have the mono Riveting and just softly fold the handles together so the bag fits in the dustbag nicely. No cracking at all, at least so far.

    Definitely get the T&B mini pochette! I have it and use it as a 'catch-all' inside my bags - tissues, nail polish, mints, mini pen, etc. This is my 'must-have' accessory. The fact that it can double as a mini evening bag is a plus!
  9. Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!

    I think I'll take my riveting bag with me tomorrow and ask the SA to take a peek at my handles .. just for reassurance.

    Sounds like the Trunks & Bags is the unanimous choice .. and will probably get the key holder as well.