Storage in a IKEA Pax wardrobe

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  1. Hi again

    So sorry about my other post, I did a search, but somehow it didn't show up? :shame:

    Anyways I have a more specifik question. I hope this one is ok?: :shame:

    I know you lucky americans have walk in closets. But does any of you, maybe from Europe, have the IKEA PAX wardrobe? Can I see how you have organized it? Especially when it comes to bags and shoes. Which of the parts from IKEAs collection did you use?

    And one more thing. I did a search on hanging your bags on hooks, and it seems you alle say it's bad for the bags. How bad is it? Will it totally destroy the bag? Has anyone actually had a bag destoyed? What happened?
  2. the only IKEA items i have are some things for my dining room, and two sets of drawers.
  3. I bought a 1 column wardrobe from ikea to put my bags. It has several shelves and a door but Im not sure if its Pax. Is it a whole closet system or is it just one piece that you're talking about?
  4. It's their big closet system. This series:
  5. Here is my Ikea closet



    Here is how I label my boxes
  6. We're buying a pax wardrobe for our new house. There are other modular furniture that will work too from Ikea - they have the BEST storage stuff!
  7. i have an IKEA PAX wardrobe inside my master bedroom closet, but i don't use it to store bags. Instead I use the IKEA BILLY bookshelves to store my bags. i love the BILLY shelves because they are modular, and i like the option of having glass doors.

    here is my purse closet with BILLY shelves and other IKEA items


  8. Thank you guys. That's amazing!

    Beljwl, You are SO organized! Are those brown boxes from Ikea as well?

    Sweetneet: Thats so impressive! Wish I had the space for such a display. It's so beautifull What do you store in the Pax closets? Of thats you're wardrobe, can I see inside it please? That would be so nice.
  9. Geez, I need a shelf like these as my only closet shelf is out of space and the bags that are not structured flop over. There are even some on the closet floor on whatever little space there is. I also have some hanging by their sleeping bag drawstrings on the bedroom door hangers. The rest are out of their sleeping bags on the floor as they are the ones that are currently in rotation.

  10. The brown boxes are all Louis Vuitton boxes that my purses came in when I bought them
  11. love these closets!
  12. That's a lot of LV's! One big LV shelf.
  13. Wow! That's impressive. Only have one used LV so didn't know they came in boxes.
  14. I love your purse display case.
  15. Your pictures make me so jealous! I live in a tiny apartment with no closet space :sad: I can only hope for my purses to be displayed that nicely one day!