Storage ideas for a 25 piece collection

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Oct 28, 2009
Hi everyone. This is my first thread here.

I have about 25 bags that I would like to get organized. Does anyone have any good ideas that doesn't take up too much space? At the moment they're just lying in a drawer that is too small in my wardrobe.

I have the Ikea Pax wardrobe with sliding doors. Does anyone know of any good ways of storing bags in a Pax wardrobe?

Also I would like to have some of my bags on display where I can see them and enjoy them. Any ideas?

At the moment I am thinking about having maybe 10 hooks vertically on a nice rounded wall I have in my bedroom and put my favorites on display there and keep the rest in my drawer.

If any of you have pictures or links to threads with good storage ideas I would be very thankfull.
Not open for further replies.