Storage ideas ~ Belts

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  1. Hiya,

    Does anyone have any good ideas for storing belts? I have them all on one shelf in my wardrobe but need to put clothes on this shelf now as i don't have enough space i wondered if anyone has any innovative ideas of storage as i don't have a lot of space??

    *It would be a good idea to get a bigger flat but I spend my wages on clothes, shoes and handbags instead so i live in a shoebox!

  2. i roll mine up (so they are spirals) and then place them in a wicker basket on a shelf. i don't have that many belts though :P
  3. I have hanger made for belts.
  4. there are some tie hangers that would be greant for belts.. or you can streamline them on a hanger or hook behind your clothes in the closet.
  5. I hang mine on a hook on the inside of my closet door :smile:
  6. I have a plastic hanger made for belts, but I hate it because they always fall off - I recommend using an over the door hanger or a wall hanger- I am switching mine over once I move.
  7. I also have a hanger made for belts. Very helpful and takes the least amount of room IMO. :yes:
  8. I have hooks that i bought at ikea and i hang them on the outside or inside of my closet door.
  9. I have hooks on the wall of my walk-in where I can put scarves (not delicate ones, obviously :sweatdrop:), belts and certain bags. :smile: I think any hooks would work well... you can get them in most home good stores. :smile:
  10. I have one of the plastic stackable drawers for belts.
  11. I roll them up and put them in plastic storage containers in my closet. You know...the clear containers with lids, you can get them cheap at wal-mart. I do this with scarves, and shoes w/o original boxes too, and it makes it look nice and organized.
  12. I found this fabulous hanger from IKEA that I use to store my belts and scarves. It is slim and absolutely perfect since I have VERY limited wardrobe space... It is 'lined' with soft cloth which is great for my more delicate scarves. Best thing is how cheap it was ($10)!
    Here is the link for the US store:

  13. I use a tie hanger which has many rows so i simply hook all my belts on through their buckles.