Stopping the pill

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  1. Hi, there!

    I'm just in the planning stages of TTC (I've asked questions about vitamins and foods to avoid when TTC and I'd welcome suggestions on those topics, too, and I thank those of you who've responded already).

    Anyway, I stopped taking the pill about 5 or 6 weeks ago and I don't know when "aunt flo" is coming! We're definitely not pregnant because we're using a backup barrier method... I was on the pill for 5 years or so before that, but I'm concerned about the not getting my "friend" yet! Did anyone else have that happen when they came off the pill? No period for a really long time? I tried to google but all I got was info on HOW to stop your period with the pill!

    (FYI, we're using a backup because I red somewhere that getting pregnant right after coming off the pill can slightly increase your chance of birth defects. Call me paranoid, but I'd rather be safe than sorry and wait a few months. Does anyone know the facts on this? Am I being too careful?)

    ANY other advice for a newbie TTC would be welcome! I'm totally new at this. :smile: I started taking a multi-vitamin and a B-complex vitamin with added folic acid (total between the two is 800, which is good). Have you guys stopped drinking alcohol while TTC or not yet? Anyway, thanks in advance! I love TPF. :smile:
  2. I came off the pill in August (after being on for abt 12 years) and still haven't had a normal period yet. (I did have one induced by taking prometrium about 3 weeks ago.) For some women it takes time to get back to ovulating; for others it happens right away. If you haven't had your period, and you're not pregnant, then you haven't ovulated.

    If you don't have your period for 2 months, I would go to the OBGYN and try kick-starting your cycle with progesterone. I don't think there's really much else you can do besides wait it out for a while.

    As to your other questions, no I haven't stopped drinking alcohol. I do try to be good about taking my multivitamin. I don't think there is any good evidence that conceiving the first month off the pill increases your chances of birth defects -- sometimes doctors just don't like you to get pregnant right away because it can make your due date difficult to determine since, as you're experiencing, you may not get back to a normal ovulatory cycle right away.
  3. I highly recommend reading "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and start charting your basal Temp. I know within hours when AF is coming and I knew on day 28 that I was preg (didn't work out) But it is really informative and I think a MUST read.
  4. SoxFan.... I stopped taking the pill last December 6, and my period came Dec 30. I kept a calendar so I was able to keep track of everything. That month I had cramps and tender breasts for almost the entire month. Then, exactly 28 days later in January my period came on Jan 26. It didn't last too long but I don't think I was ovulating. I'm now expecting AF tomorrow, which should be Day 28. Not sure whether I'm ovulating or not, but I think things are starting to get back to normal because I didn't have those weird month long cramps or sore breasts. I'm hoping to be back to normal within another month or so. Not to mention I'm 40, going on 41 in May, and I want to get this show on the road.

    I did buy the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it is very good. I've been taking folic acid and vitamins as well as a fertility vitamin, so we'll see in a few months whether a baby is in my future or not. I'm leaving it up to God. If a baby is meant to be in my life than nothing will stop that from happening. I'm just enjoying life and letting things happen naturally.
  5. ?? What fertility vitamin?? Just curious.
  6. I stopped in late July and didn't get my period till mid-October. I'd only been on the pill for about 9 months after about a 2 year break, so I was surprised it took so long to have my cycles start. I did find out I had an ovarian cyst, so that was part of the reason I wasn't ovulating/getting a period those months.

    I also don't stop drinking alcohol or alter my diet (other than prenatals, fish oil, etc.) when TTC, only once I get a positive HPT. I figure I was born with those eggs, so any current caffeine, wine, etc. wouldn't affect them any more than the previous intake.
  7. I went to Naturally Yours, which is a health food store in our area and found something called "Fertility Blend". I'm at work so I can't tell you right now what's in it, but when I get home I'll write down the ingredients.

    I'm also taking pre-natal vitamins.
  8. Hey, thanks, ladies.

    I actually got a regular cycle about 5-6 weeks after stopping the pill. If all goes well, I'll be getting another visit from "Aunt Flo" (yes, I just called it that) tomorrow, and THEN we're going to start trying! WOW!