Stopping cuticle cutting cold turkey?

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  1. I am a long time cuticle cutter who has used metal instruments to push back and snip off her cuticles for years and it has only resulted in cuticles that grow back longer in thicker, some almost seem calloused. It's a never ending cycle.

    After catching Loodie's video on cuticle care where she gently sloughs off dead cuticle using cuticle remover and a qtip, I gave that a try.

    Well, it did nothing. I'll repeat, I have really hard and thick cuticles, and even with Blue Cross cuticle remover, the things did not dissolve nor did they push back even a smidge.

    After 2 weeks of moisturizing around the clock with Solar Oil and Flush butter, I am left with MOISTURIZED yet thick cuticles that are eking down covering 25% of my nail bed!

    I don't know what to do! Is it possible for someone with rugged, tough cuticles to ever tame them enough to look manicure pretty without getting out the hacking instruments?

    I have tried all the "cut-free" tricks like pushing them back in the shower too, THEY DO NOT MOVE.

    My previous go-to routine was slap cuticle remover on, dig and push with a metal pusher, and snip off the 1/2 centimeter of dead skin that is left virtually standing up and flapping around, but I want to end this cycle.

    Please help.
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    You read my mind. I'm in a similar situation, mine do seem better off than yours (sorry :sad: I really want to stop cutting my cuticles. They are pretty hard but do respond to soaking. They get nice and soft and I can push them back but it's just not enough! Cuticle remover does nothing but soften them up. I bought Blue Cross and don't get the hype---it must be my cuticles? It does zero for me.
    Hope someone out there can help you brookeecm!
  3. It sounds like you've been trying to get rid of all the cuticle in one go, waiting for it to grow back, and then repeating the process. This is really harsh and it does sound like they're becoming thick and calloused to protect themselves. My suggestion is to try pushing them back GENTLY with a wooden cuticle stick, every single day. And keep using the moisturising products! It's a slow process but after a few weeks, no dead cuticle should remain on your nail bed. That's what worked for me, anyway. Now I push them back just twice a week and they look nice and healthy: no tears, peeling, hanging bits or inflammation.
  4. To be clear, are you talking about cuticle or the eponychium? Because what you are describing does not sound at all like cuticle. And how you deal with them are going to be two different things.
  5. There is a rubber tipped cuticle pusher that may help...
  6. I was not sure, but after a google search, I guess I am talking about eponychium. Thanks for helping me clarify myself.
  7. You've summed it up. I will try your suggestion.
  8. Best of luck :smile:
  9. Former cutter here, I have big time trouble with this on two of my nails and soaking/pushing/moisturizing has really improved them.

    Be gentle when you push though, you don't have to go the whole distance right away. Give them time to respond, mine took a while to first regrow from being cut and then to respond to be handled properly. It was weird that I only had this happen on two of my nails but now you can't tell which ones are my problem children just by looking at them.