Stopped at LV over the weekend!

  1. Hey all! :yahoo:

    I missed you guys!!! I have been away for a while. :tdown:

    Over the weekend I stopped at LV and picked up a few things. Hubby went for a new wallet and ended up with a Taiga business card holder. He was so impressed with his Damier wallet that he wanted to get a new one to be able to switch in and out of. The SA looked over his old one to see if any repairs needed to be made and said that all the stitching looked great. This is fabulous considering he is extremely rough on his wallets and tends to over stuff them considerably.

    I ended up going home with the khakis That's Love 2 tote a while ago. You may remember my thread about having it on hold. I was certainly iffy about it at first. But, now I don't regret it one bit. It's perfect for all my needs and has softened up nicely. I have been wearing it so much that this morning DH complained about it and told me to take out my Mezzo since I never wear it. :push: I was already about to walk out the door so I didn't but it looks like I will be giving her some love tomorrow. Everybag deserves her day! lol

    While I was at LV I also looked at the cell phone wrist strap. They had the White MC and Black MC. The black looked great against my dark blue T-Mobile Wing. It had a lot of purple on it which I liked. But, DH wasn't sold on the $210 price tag. So, I ended up getting a Coach one (black signature for $29) for the meantime while I work on convincing him. Anyone have this piece that can provide me with some feedback about how fabulous it is? I love how it actually fits over my hand and onto my wrist. The Coach one is way too small and is only able to be held in my hand. (kinda defeats the purpose of a wrist strap :rolleyes:) But, I was desperate for something since I have already dropped my phone once and scratched it considerably.

    So, that's my story. How has everyone been? I missed you all so much! It feels good to be back. :smile:

    PS: Pics will be added when I get home tonight. :heart:
  2. welcome back and congrats... I also have the same Coach cell phone thing. I wish it was a little bigger
  3. Congrats! Maybe tell him you need it for an upcoming holiday/anniversary/event. Lol.
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Congrats!!! Keep working on him...he'll eventually come around!! They always do!!! LOL
  6. Welcome back and congrats! I recently just fell in LVOE with the LVOE tote as well, it is so great!
  7. Welcome back - can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. A Members PSP w/ straps

  9. Welcome Back!!! Congrats on everything! The cell phone is to die for, on hubby's wallet: At my friend's boutique, a guy was in there buying stuff for a girl, and he pulled out his damier wallet, which I've never seen anything so hideous, the edges were all frayed and dismantled, it had been seriously abused. We all started talking about LV; and he said he loved Damier since no one really can tell that it's LV; I think it's a good credit to your hubby that he can overstuff his wallet, and it all still looks good. This guy had tons of money and I walked out thinking, why oh why doesn't he buy himself a new one. I'm so thankful that now I enough rotating material, still working on wallets though, cause they really get a heavy workout...

    LOVE the MC straps, so cool!
  10. can't wait to see them.
    Glad you are enjoying the tote. They are so cute.
    I can't believe your hubby knows the difference between your bags...ha ha.
  11. ...sometimes it's better to keep DH in the dark about LV.....
  12. Thanks everyone! The more I use the That's Love 2 tote the more I fall in love with it.

    DH knows almost as much as I do about the LV. He is definitely a fan of their quality. Just the fact that his wallet is still in good condition has proven the brand to him. Now I just want him to get one of their belts. :graucho:
  13. Wow, those straps are pretty, but my gamer rep would go down the toilet. Love the DS tho.
  14. Congratulations-
  15. Can't wait to see your pics! Congrats!