!! Stop Smoking !!

  1. Hi,

    i just want to share with you, that today i officially quit smoking :oh: i smoked aprox 10 cigarretes dayly, for over 7 years..
    yesterday i watch this documentary on MTV "i cant breath" which shock me.. and i made the decision that is time to quit and take care of myself.. :P , i know is going to be dificult.. but i dont want to stop when is to late..:cry:
    I always thought i will never develop cancer or heart disease. but really can happen, so if you smoke please consider to stop it... do it for yourself and your loved ones..

    this picture show a healthy lung and a smoker lung.. SHOCKING!!! :cry:


    Smoking and Lung Diseases:

    1. Asthma 2. Bronchitis (Chronic) 3. Emphysema 4. Leukemia 5. Influenza 6. Acute NI Resp Disease 7. Pneumonia 8. Tuberculosis

  2. smoking can have realy bad effects on the smoker n those around them.. glad u made the choice to stop.. wish u good luck as u keep strong and continue being committed to ur new decision....
  3. I congratulate you on your decision to quit--I'm sure it'll be full of bumps along the way--but hang in there! It's really worth it for you to quit!

    I saw a real "healthy" pink lung and a real "black" smoker's lung when I was a kid. I think that moment was what made me a non-smoker for life. The difference is amazing...
  4. hey SweetDutchGirl
    i quit smoking earlier this year! yes... its great! i must say, ive got extra money for bags! and yes, my health is much better and i feel loads better! everytime i felt and urge - i just came on here and posted replies!!! the PF members are very helpful... i owe them alot!!! :smile:
  5. Congratulations on your decision to quit!
  7. haha congratulations!!

    unfortunately, anatomy classes with smokers lungs and healthy lungs didn't stop some of my former classmates from BEGINNING to smoke!
  8. Congrats on a life changing decision! You go girl!! Be strong!! Just think of all that extra money for bags!!
  9. Congrats! I'm trying to work up the nerve to quit myself. Good luck!
  10. actually my Husband quit as well and we calculate 200 euros extra a month.. :graucho:

    im using Nicotine Patches and mannnnnn im dying over here, feeling heat, shaking a little, feeling dizzy, and nauseas... :cry:
  11. Congrads to everyone.. I quit 1 month ago after smoking for 10 years !!! My advice if you are using something to help.. (ie. the patch, or gum) is to try COMMIT lozenge.. they worked great !!! :heart:
  12. Congrats on quitting. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.:biggrin::yes:
  13. I gave up 2months ago... The first 4days were really hard! after that it gets easy, just say NO every time someone offers you a smoke.
  14. Congratulations! Good move! Enjoy your life without smoking....
  15. Hooray! I am working on quitting smoking too. A few years ago I was smoking 10-15 a day, which was really bad. Then I cut back except when I went out for drinks. But a few months ago, I started bringing nicotine gum with me when I went to the bars and it really works for me! I was on vacation last week and only cheated once (had two cigarettes at a bar). It felt great to be walking back to my hotel and not smell like smoke or be coughing.

    Frankly, if I can stay at the point where I only have one or two cigarettes every now and then (maybe a total of six in a month) I will be perfectly happy to do that the rest of my life. I just don't think that few will hurt. Meanwhile, most times that I want a cigarette, I just opt for nic gum instead. It's great to use while working, or in a social setting where you have a drink and crave that accompanying cigarette, but don't want to cheat. Now my biggest concern is getting addicted to the gum!! But at this point I usually only have between one and four pieces a day.

    Anyway, I guess it's an ongoing process and different approaches work for different people. But the less the better:smile: