STOP!! Seeing RED ""KELLY"" Flashing!!!

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  1. It's a real beauty! Congrats!
  2. Your red kelly's a real stunner!
  3. That's hysterical that you saw NHL carrying her kelly this weekend, ladystara. LOL. small world!!
  4. ^^Minnie, Sasa, Kat and Japster!

    ^^Japster, Yes this is a very SMALL WORLD indeed!! :smile:
  5. That is one HOT bag!!!
  6. Purse bans? Huh? Never heard of it ;) Hermes is like a drug. You just want more, more and MORE. :yes:

    I've seen a Rouge VIF courchevel Kelly 28 in sellier. STUNNING! You made the right choice.
  7. Thanks Liluli and Birkingal!

    Birkingal? I always get confused what time it is in NZ. How are you? I'm feeling alot better. Gonna need to take the Evelyne out soon, b/c it is getting cold here, and MIGHT RAIN!! I may try to be brave and take the bag out and see if raindrops really slide off the bag?:nuts:
  8. What are the chances of two regulars on tPF bumping into each other?? :nuts:
    C, it's 3-ish pm here now in NZ. Been down with gastro the last few days but on the mend. Oooh, definitely take that Barenia Evelyne out. It's one hardy bag. Mind you, that Kelly of yours can take a lot of knocking about without showing damage too.
  9. ^^^Oh, you poor thing....I had the SAME thing last week and JUST TODAY finally felt okay to go on the elliptical for 45mins....w/o wearing anything HERMES (just to be sure we stay on track of things:nuts: ). Yes, I love these bags I have!!!

    Drink lots of water, and take a BATH. I also took, immodium something? and pepcid AC. Maybe these will help....doc's orders:graucho: ....and airborne, and some antibiotics just in case.

    ***BIG HUGS*** b/c I know I needed it!:heart:
  10. courmacheulthe name of the color then? :smile: Thanks for the info NHL!

    Hermes ladies, please keep an eye out for me :smile:
  11. ^^LS - that is the name of the Leather....go to Hermesgroupies LEATHER book and look at the description of the leather. This bags color is Rouge ??...see above for HG's description....she's GOOD!:smile: Forgot to thank her here!:yes: THANKS HG!!
  12. What a beauty:love: !! Congratulations on your red g:love: rgeous kelly (I love, love, red and to see that in a kelly just melts me) I was wishing for a black box but after seeing your red kelly and star's red croc, I'm seriously having second thoughts:crybaby:
  13. Love it ocngrats!
  14. LOVEE it!!!!

    I've been craving for something red lately. It is after all almost Christmas time....