STOP!! Seeing RED ""KELLY"" Flashing!!!

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  1. Welcome AirMess! I'll chime in my opinion -- I have one of each, rigid and souple, and for some reason I think I prefer souple as it's a more casual look to it, which works for me. My rigid is the same size as the souple (both 32) and it looks and seems larger to me in that style. But honestly? Any kelly is a great bag! What are you thinking of?
  2. Hi Shoes319,

    Thanks for the welcome, hate to start a new thread, thought I'll ask existing owners what they thought of their many bags :smile:

    I'm thinking of a rigide so I can use it at night as well :shame: although I agree with you that the souple seem to be larger, maybe 'cause it's softer?

    EDIT: Sorry, Shoes319, I thought you meant Souple.
  3. OMG!! that's the kelly I saw over the's gorgeous!!!
    ...I changed my wish list to a red kelly..with palladium :biggrin:
  4. Thanks ninja sue, desiree, shoes, airmess and ladystara!! I'm very happy with my purchase!!:heart:

    Lady stara - where did you see this on the weekend? at the Hermes store, or me walking in the mall Sunday? :smile:

    Airmess - welcome! as Shoes's personal preference. I personally like the rigid construction, b/c I like a more structured bag. The souple construction looks more versatile, but I haven't seen one I really liked YET?:graucho: , but doesn't mean I won't in the future, but I kinda made a PINKY PROMISE to someone cyberly!!:graucho:
  5. Haha, understood what you mean NewHermesLover. I guess with all the wait lists as well as waiting lists that are now closed, I'll just have to see what is available in the stores and decide if I'll pay for it.

    But your 16 year old Kelly looks absolutely brand new and stunning :drool:
  6. NHL -- I cannot believe that bag is 16 yrs. old!!! You look great with it as well - really!

    No prob. AM -- and my rigid is an ostrich so it's not going anywhere in the near future but staying with me! My souple is black chevre which I only acquired a short time ago and it's the BEST!
  7. :smile: Saw the lady at the mall, near a coffee shop. It was gorgeous :huh:
  8. Ladystara - the coffee shop at Nordy's?? Harry and David Area? If so, that was ME! I wish you came up and said "HI". I think I was wearing a long black sweater, and black boots with a burnt reddish sweater?:nuts:
  9. ..I didn't know you were in Arizona!!! Yep, the coffe shop at Nordy's, with pointy boots???
  10. Just noticed...888 posts :biggrin: fa fa fa = wealth!! yay!
  11. ^^LS - I think that was me! Yup pointy boots. Yes, I'm here.:smile:
  12. ..if I knew it was you I would've asked to see the Kelly and you, you looked so classy!! :crybaby:
  13. O:huh:o LOVELY!! The red is such a great and vibrant color!!:heart:
  14. Is the courcheavel leahter still avaliable? I love you kelly ;op
  15. Ladystara - go to Hermesgroupies leather book and read on the leather. I don't know if they make bags but I think they make the small leather goods. Read what she says in here and what this leather is comparable the Reference thread. I hope you get a similar bag, or find her on ebay?