STOP!! Seeing RED ""KELLY"" Flashing!!!

  1. Okay....been sick as a dog this past THANKSGIVING!! and look what arrives to cheer me up and make me feel better this weekend. I finally had the strength to lift my arms and post!!

    HERE IS MY NEW, "older"......RED KELLY BAG, 32cm Gold Hardware, in a very nice Scratch resistant leather, that I have to find the right spelling for:confused1:


  2. NHL--that is one gorgeous Kelly! LOVE it! Please post close-ups when you're feeling better. CONGRATULATIONS! From one sick TPFer to the other---feel better!
  3. I love anything red and your Kelly is so gorgeous! Congrats!!!!

    Is there any chance we could have bigger pics to drool over?

    ETA: aw man, orchids, you're sick too? There are a few gals here down with the bug lately. Hope you and NHL feel better soon!
  4. Oh, I love red Kelly bags!
  5. Very nice!!! Congrats!!!
  6. She is just gorgeous! Perfect for Paris! And it looks fabulous on you! Congrats!

    There is nothing better than a red Kely to make ANYONE feel better!!

    simply gorgeous! I LOVE it!!!!!!!
  8. WOW!!! I love it! Red is the best color and probably the one bag I carry the most.
  9. Ooh, what a beauty!
  10. STUNNING! What a beautiful RED and perfect for PARIS!!!!!!! Ya gotta take that baby with you, NHL!!!!!!.............Is it Courcheval?????
  11. Lovely - No wonder you are feeling better....
  12. Thanks Orchid - I hope you FEEL better soon, too! Must have been spending so much time at the kids' school last week and caught it from there:sad: .

    Thanks Serenity, fendigal, SoCal, GF, Japster, GT, and GF....I can't believe how much I'm INLOVE:love: with this bag, and "she came with one of the OLDER DUSTBAG, too.

    YES, Shopmom!! Thanks...that is the name of the leather...COURCHEVAL!!
    Thanks for the ENabling:graucho: !

    Sorry if the pics are too BIG!!
  13. Oh baby!!! That's hot!!! Oh lordy I think I'm gonna pass out!!!

    Whew! Congrats NHL!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: I :heart: that Kelly!!!
  14. OMG it is beautiful! Such a pretty red color!!! Congrats NHL and I hope you feel better soon
  15. WOW!! I love this bag! I am looking for a kelly/birkin in a red too, so this is my dream bag!