Stop posting Mirior photos!!!!!

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  1. Cause I'm upset that I didn't waitlist for one!!!! Congratulations to all the ladies that did!!! They really look fabulous!
  2. I bet if you look and call around you could find one :smile: Look at one of our ladies she found a pochette and just walked right in . :smile: good luck!
  3. You'll get one, you just have to find the right SA! :graucho:
  4. You´ll get it someday!
  5. The title of this thread made me laugh! :roflmfao: But I guess this thread isn't really about what I thought it was going to be about...
  6. Thanks Cookiepieface!!! I will try to find one. I just realized that I misspelled "Miroir"!
  7. i know what u mean haha.....

    really these days it's only the mirror that's being posted

    and they all look the same to me :P

  8. I agree! I thought this post was going to be for this of us who didn't like the line and were hoping for a return to normalcy! LOL!
  9. LOL Charleston!!!!!
  10. LOL, too cute! I hope you find one :smile:
  11. I hope you will get one, I know they will have the second shipment of it.
  12. Me too!!! :yes:
  13. I want one too!
  14. Good luck in finding one, I'm sure you'll succeed in the end.
  15. don't be jealous! :lecture:
    and i hope you get one soon lol...