Stoopid Q...Croc and Alligator difference

  1. This may be a stupid Q buy I'm new so bear with me. How do I tell the difference between Croc and Alligator. I was looking at the thread on croc bags and noticed the scales on the Kellys are a lot smaller than the Birkins. I know there are 2 different croc skins, and I know alligator scales are smaller than croc, but how do I tell between croc and alligator skins if the scales are both small??? :confused1:
  2. i really don't think there's much of a difference, skin-wise. in the wild, i think the crocodile has a more narrow snout than an alligator... :lol: and i believe there are more gators around than crocs...
  3. Croc has a little pore or dot in somewhere in the scale that held a hair follicle or sensory organ in the croc when it was alive.
  4. ^ wow!!
  5. Thanks, I'm going to check out the thread.