Stonewash blue vs. gray

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  1. I have searched for pics of stonewash blue and have found a few, but they all seem different to me. One looked gray while another looked totally blue, almost navy blue.

    For those that have that color or have seen it irl, would you say it is more gray or blue? I really can't tell on my monitor.:confused1:
  2. I have the stonewash blue Matinee, if I didn't know the color; I would have called it grey- it does have blue undertone though.
  3. ^So, would it be accurate to say it looks like a dark grey in most lights?
  4. I would describe Stonewash Blue as a medium to dark toned Grey with Blue undertones. I know some people's SW bags have turned more blue in time as well. But imho, the bag is more grey than blue. It's a gorgeous shade non the less! HTH!
  5. i think it looks very grey in photos with blue undertones, but as it ages and gets oilier and seems to get bluer. i love magjes's stonewash blue mam - it is a gorgeous blue color, much different looking from the other stonewash blue bags i've seen.
  6. I have the Stonewash Blue MAM and I agree with scoobiesmomma's description. Stonewash Blue is known to get bluer as the leather patinas.

    My bag has darkened into a lovely navy blue color. I sent the bag to RM to get the handles reinforced or I'd post pictures.
  7. I know that everytime I see a SW Blue Nikki for sale I always find a picture of it compared to other grey bags.....(to talk myself out of purchasing it!).
    There is a picture somewhere with FIG and cloud grey. SW Blue Nikki looks really grey in that picture. I also believe that Loveuga posted that her dark grey Nikki and SW Blue Nikki looked close in color (but very different in terms of texture/leather).

    Also - like mentioned above my SW MAM is very very Blue - almost Navy. I'm not sure what it looked like new..... it's the older version (the one with FDL) lining and it has brass hardware. I don't know if the SW blue version (the one with mosaic lining and silver hardware) was produced to be a lighter colored leather meant to look more grey.
  8. Stonewash Blue's original color looks like a cornflower blue or a medium-toned grey with blue undertones when it's new. So it's basically a lighter color. That's what mine looked like when I first got it and I have one of the original Stonewash Blue MAMs with the black and white paisley lining.

    You can see that original lighter color, especially when it's photographed from my experience. Stonewash Blue is one of those colors that can look different in flash and natural light. I agree that it's very close to the old school Dark Grey but it's different in texture. Dark Grey has a glaze on it like the original Emerald and Wine have while Stonewash Blue has more of a matte finish.
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    Oh and my Stonewash Blue MAM is as dark as Mag's, but it tends to photograph brighter than it actually is with flash. I adore both versions but I really like that lovely shade of navy my MAM has turned into.
  10. Thanks everyone! I am really wanting a grey mini nikki, so the SW blue probably won't cut it. I love certain color blues, but I don't want navy, so if the color could age in that direction I guess I should hold out. Darn grey mini nikki is like a unicorn!
  11. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a picture of a gray mini nikki either.

    But if it helps I have both dark gray and sw blue nikkis and they are different, sw blue if definitely not a navy colored bag. If the bag was protected then it may not age and get oilier.
  12. ^ True but Rebecca herself said that Stonewash leathers are meant to get darker and oilier with time.

    Stonewash leathers should be protected as they are more delicate and susceptible to wear... but it's also so very soft!