Stones Joseph!

  1. I havent been looking at any MJ bags in a while.In all honesty I grew tired of the same chain bags each season.Very repetitive.
    I was in SOHO NY couple of weeks ago,,,wih a PFer actually....and visited the MJ store.They were UBER kind to me..offering to send bags on consignmt to look at...etc(They used to do that for me for YEARS!..but I havent bought any in a while!)
    I have to say this stone bag is really breath taking IRL.Saw it a diff version.I like the funkiness of it and the fact that it doesnt look like the NORM for MJ..
    Heavy price tag>?HECK YES!
    BUT WOW..what a stunner IRL!!!!!What do u guys think?
  2. I like it, it's definitely different from the bags that he's been churning out over the past few years. It's a good look for him, I think! I like the stones a lot, they're quite funky and interesting. It's beautiful, Jill! Thanks for sharing the style with us!
  3. Cute!! That particular style I like very much. Some of the other stone styles I don't care for too much. I'm happy something MJ caught your eye again Jill! So....are you going to get it?! :graucho::p
  4. I really like the stone bags a lot, loved the red runway one and the little Eddie (I think that was the name), shame they're sooo pricy. Nice change from all the quilted styles.
    Go on Jill, the poor little bag needs a good home:smile:
  5. I have this clutch coming from E-Lux this week:

    [​IMG]It blew my budget way out of the water, but thought this was such an unique piece. I will post pictures when it arrives.

    Is this bag from the same line? Are the same stones used?
  6. ^ i was just about to post a picture of this clutch! this is my favorite item from the stones line. i saw it irl and it's beautiful. i am considering buying it myself, but it's so pricey, and i'm afraid that i won't use it as much as a shoulder bag. hopefully, it goes on sale at the end of the season. :graucho:

    you're so lucky! i can't wait to see the pictures!
  7. They are all so beautiful!!:smile::love:
  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that clutch!! Maybe I need to look at the stones collection again. I didn't think I liked it that much.
  9. Huh..I like it, but would have to see it modeled...Uh...Jiiiilllll???!!!!!
  10. ^ LOL.... I agree with Emmy!! Let's see it!

    I think the bag is adorable and it looks very comfy to wear... but I thought you liked bigger bags??
  11. here's another stones bag... calls it the beale, but it looks the same as the jospeh...
    i love this collection...wish it wasn't so expensive...


    becca...congrats on the stones clutch...
    can't wait to see pics...

    here's a croc one...gorgeous!
  12. ^WOW! Thats a FAB color too!
  13. I love some of these pieces!!! :drool: The stone accents are so unique! If only they weren't so expensive... :push:
  14. You know...I do have to say that I like that it's different. It's not the classic MJ style and it has a completely different vibe. The clutches are adorable!

  15. ^ OMG I agree!! Jill get THAT one...PLEEEEAAASSEE!?!?!?!:graucho: