"Stones" bucket - it's mine!!!!

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  1. I'm new in the MJ forum, but just had to share....I just ordered the stones bucket in the brown - exactly as shown on the website. I am completely clueless as to how to post pics....it is the very last bag under the fall 08 bags on the mj website. If someone could post it - that would be great. I called the MJ Boston store and the sa said it was gorgeous, especially in the brown - and a steal too at only $895!! :woohoo: I just wanted to share my joy and hopefully I can figure out how to post pics when it gets to me. I had been lusting over this bag, not knowing the price, so I just thought I would call today to see what the story is....and, now, it's mine!! I knew you ladies would be excited - just had to share! Have a great weekend everybody! :heart::smile: ps - he also said the cubie - which I see some are lusting over, is such an awesome bag - exclusive only to MJ boutiques...(this is prob. old news!)....I think I may be enabling now....
  2. congrats! i'd love to see more pics of the different carter bags. it's funny you mentioned the cubie. i just got mine a couple days ago in charcoal. i can't wait to see your bucket. the design is unique, the leather is gorgeously textured, and the true brown color is just lovely!


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  3. ^^ I just stumbled across this bag the other day I love it!!!!
  4. Congratulations! It is such a rich, pretty brown and looks really wonderful with its stones. Enjoy her!

    And welcome to the MJ forum! :yahoo:
  5. Wow! Hope you can figure out how to post pics - I'd love to see it in "real life!" Congrats on what looks like an incredible bag:tup: Enjoy!!!!
  6. Oh, yum!!! Congrats!!!!!
  7. pretty! :love: can't wait to see pictures of it..
  8. This bag is so funky cool! I'm so glad someone here got one!:heart:
  9. congrats!
  10. Pretty! The stones collection is hot!
  11. Thanks everyone! You are all so fast with your replies - I love it! I was able to get a steal on a ss 08 quilted stam in plum a couple of weeks back because of a ding on the leather on the frame (which I was able to fix thanks to some apple guard conditioner and a little leather coaxing!) and I asked if this was a year round color - so many awesome, fast replies - it confirmed what I wanted to hear and I love her! I will ask DH to help me post pics when the bucket gets to me - I really want to show her off! For some reason the shape and color just caught my eye - so simple yet so scrumptious and classic! I'm a jeans and sweater girl in the fall, and thought this was the perfect bag to spruce me up! The sa said there is a little leather straps that pulls the sides in, and when it is unhooked the sides will stand out - if you know what I mean - just a little extra info. for anyone who is considering this one. Thanks again - you girls rock! ;)
  12. very cute!!!! congrats!
  13. congrats!!!
  14. awesome, can't wait to see your pics!
  15. Pretty, modeling pics when u get it please!