Stone v. Ocean?

  1. I'm looking to buy the Turnlock billfold, but I can't decide whether I want it in Stone or Ocean. I haven't seen either in real life, so if you guys could chime in with descriptions of each (and also your vote), I'd greatly appreciate it!!!
    stone.jpg ocean.jpg
  2. I love colors... I haven't seen these IRL yet, but I would automatically go with Ocean, LOL.
  3. normally my response would be, "get the stone. it's a versatile color and it will go with everything," but since it's a wallet, color might be more fun. i love the ocean color too. it's much prettier irl. the pictures online don't do it any justice.
  4. I havent seen either in real life, but from the pictures i'd pick Ocean.
  5. I like both colors.
    Maybe check on to see what interior lining color/print looks like. That helps me decide between MbyMJ usually. Some of the combinations work better for me than others.
  6. I like the ocean color, it is a great green!
  7. Another vote for Ocean!
  8. i just go the bag quinn in ocean but i really want it in stone i am going to call marc jacobs store and see if they will do an exchange for me..I LOVE STONE COLOR
  9. depends what goes better with you bags- but without that in mind- i love the ocean
  10. Ocean!!
  11. ocean!
  12. Hmmm it seems like Ocean's the winner! I just bought it on Will update with pictures when I receive it. Thanks everyone!
  13. I would have gone with Ocean as well!

    I have this wallet too and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I do! The leather is amazing!
  14. Oooohhh....the stone is an absolutely gorgeous colour. I have the Turnlock Mimi in is such a beautiful colour! Haven't seen the ocean though.
  15. Ocean!