Stone or Mouse Teri: Totally Confused

  1. Hey ladies. I've just bought a Teri in stone with brass hardware on the Bloomies website. I've received it and it's great, but perhaps a little to taupe for me?? I also just won an eBay BIN on a "mouse gray" Teri. I was very confused b/c in the pictures, it looked just like the stone. The seller confirmed the hardware is silver, not brass. Does anyone know for sure if the mouse gray indeed has silver hardware? Also, it seems like the two colors are really close to one another. Has anyone seen them in person right next to each other? I really don't know which one to keep...I've read every single post on the subject and still can't seem to get a clear picture of the difference between the two. Help!?!? :confused1:*1*24*-1*-1*Y*81
  2. An easy way to tell what color it is is to look at the hardware. And know what color came out during what season.
    The eBay photo shows a bag with the silver hardware, which is the newest version of the Teri, so I think the color in the eBay photo is the Mouse Teri.

    The Stone color is an older color for the Teri I believe, so the hardware shouldn't be silver. The bag you bought at Bloomies may have been the Stone color.

  3. Hi, the two colors are very close in hue. The bag that has the silver hardware is the Mouse color, and the bag with the brass/gold hardware is the Stone color.

    I prefer the Mouse, which do you prefer?
  4. I have a stone teri coming from Bloomingdales on Monday. I hope I like it! The mouse was the one I coveted, but it seemed impossible to find. It would be great to see a side by side comparison of the two.
  5. Mouse Gray has SILVER HARDWARE!!
  6. The bag on Ebay is definitely Stone, not Mouse Gray and like the other members have said, Mouse Gray has silver h/w. HTH. ;)
  7. weN84, that's what i thought. so i had this long back and forth with the seller about the hardware, to make sure. she's positive the hardware is silver, NOT brass. so i surmise it is mouse unless it's some other similar color that i don't know about. (putty, for instance??)

    on the mj website, it lists stone as a fall 07 color. i believe mouse was from the resort (winter/spring) 07 line. ??? i will wait to return the bloomies bag until i have the mouse in hand. will do a direct comparison next week and let you know what my research uncovers! for the record, i would currently describe the stone as a rich grey-taupe with warm undertones.

    any further suggestions appreciated. thanks a lot ladies! :girlsigh:
  8. Is the listing you posted for the Ebay the bag that you won? Because that is definitely Stone, not Mouse Gray. :wondering
  9. yes -- that's the one i won. but look at the h/w. the seller assures me it is silver, not brass. could it just be the flash? i agree with you it looks like stone. that Faridah is def stone.
  10. ^ Hmm, it could possibly be flash but on well, good luck and keep us posted when it arrives! :tup:
  11. thanks! i will post again when it arrives to settle this question once and for all. by the way, what do you think of the "stone" color?
  12. Yes, please! I'm very curious about the color of your new bag! Let us know the end of this story!

    I think stone is a great colour ... neutral as mouse gray ... but I prefer mouse gray ... .
  13. keep us posted would love to see both colors side by side...i have two stone pieces but would love to see mouse next to it!
  14. Hey Ladies! Thanks for all your feedback on the Stone vs Mouse debacle/debate. I finally had some time to take some photos of the two side by side. The Ebay one was indeed Mouse, and I'm so happy with it! It is definitely more grey in color, with cool undertones (silver hardware); and the Stone is more taupe with warm undertones (brass hardware). But the two are very close when viewed right next to one another. I feel like the Mouse goes with almost everything. The leather seems to be a bit smoother and perhaps thinner than the more recent Stone. I'm taking the Stone back to Bloomies today. Let me know if you have questions in case you too find yourself in this crisis. Thanks again!
    teri1.jpg teri2.jpg teri3.jpg teri.jpg