Stone on new ring looks different...what to do?

  1. A lot of you might of read my previous thread where I had just gotten a new diamond ring from my husband purchased on the Virgin Islands.

    Well since I took the ring for resizing there has been some drama with the ring.

    First...the people that resized did a sloppy job...both sides of the ring didn't look even...and after having the ring for a few days after resizing...a stone fell off.

    After searching this forum and reading some post that had incidents of stones getting loose after resizing...I figure it was the jeweler that resized it fault that the stone fell off...I took the ring back to the jeweler that resized...and I had no problem he said he will replace the stone.

    on my way home he calls me and tells me 2 of the stones on the ring does not match the rest of the stones :wtf:

    My first thought was...maybe they swithched it when I first took the ring to resize you guys think that's possible...I didn't want to accuse them right off...I told him just to replace the stone that was missing and make the ring even and I will call the people that I purchased the ring from.

    I called the people that I purchased the ring from and they said that that is very unlikely but to send it...they will look at it and replace the stone if that was the case...but it says it will take approximetly 6 to 8 weeks.

    Would you send, leave it like that (you would have to look really close to tell), or pay for new stones yourself so your ring don't be wondering off in the mail somewhere.

    Sorry for the long post but you guys always help me with my insecurities. I have attached a pic of the ring again
    Ring 003.jpg
  2. it is a gorgeous ring!! If it does not cost that much to replace the two stones, I would have just pay for it and get it done instead of waiting for 2 months! Maybe find another jeweler to get it check out? Maybe the place is not telling the truth??
    Good Luck~!!

  3. Thank you...yea I will take it to another jeweler this weekend for a second opinion.
  4. well, i would want to know what they mean by dont match. my ering has a few baguettes, and my band is all little baguettes. the jeweller had to wait a couple of wks to find enough identical stones. it is hard for a ring w severalstoens to all match perfectly in regard to colour usually, is that possibly what is meant? one or two stones are a lietter lower on colour?
  5. I'd send it back to the original dealer that offered to replace the stones at no charge. They'll work hard to ensure a perfect match. Beautiful ring! FYI whenever possible, always get rings that are EGL/GIA certified with the cert # laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. Then a bait and switch CANNOT be done. Buy a loupe (magnifier) and inspect the ring when you get work done to make sure the same laser inscription is there (it can't be seen by the naked eye). You can always get an appraisal done on stones that are not laser inscribed, and then if there's an issue of switched stones you can have it looked at by another jeweler who can determine whether the stones he sees matches the type (color, clarity) described on the cert. Good luck!
  6. Yea...two of the stones is lower in looks a little yellow.
  7. Woww great information...thank you...I did not know that.
  8. Are the diamonds on top invisibly set?
  9. You're welcome, naturale!
  10. I will send it back to the original dealer as well.. I dont mind waiting .. if quality is ensure... It will be better sitting around all day and wonder if I had been lied to !!
  11. so sorry to hear that, hopefully u got it all worked out :smile:

    by the way, pretty ring!!
  12. Diane Sawyer did a story on "bait and switch." Pretty scary to know that there are jewelers out there that are so unscrupulous.
    Great information you provided us here Rockstar, thank you.:tup:
  13. Did he pay cash or use cc for the ring. I would send it back if it was cc. Since u will be able to call the cc company if anything is not on the up and up. If it was cash, I would probably just go and get the stones replaced so they match. Good Luck!
  14. yknow, since it's been sized you are kind of at a loss to get a refund because that's exactly what Id do--but maybe I misunderstood--was it resized by a different jeweler? If they are the reason stones look different and there's issues with the sizing/stones, that's who Id be expecting to have fix it or reimburse me for the loss of my ring.

    If you are comfortable doing so, send it to the original jeweler and see what they say. Sucks that it's not convenient at all.
  15. My personal opinion is that the stones were not stolen and switched. My husband is a jeweller, and although we hear of it happening, to our knowledge it would not happen with a ring like yours. First I would like to stress that this occurance is pretty rare. ie for a jeweller to actually steal your diamond and replace it with an inferior one. Second, logic would have it that this sort of thing would be more likely to occur with large diamonds. The diamonds on your ring, although beautiful, would not be worth a jeweller stealing imho.

    But I would make a big fuss to the original place of purchase......and I wouldnt overlook the idea of getting a quote to replace them yourself just incase that proves to be the easiest and most painfree option.

    Goodluck, I am really sorry you are experiencing this trouble after waiting so long!!! Im sure it will work out in the end!