Stone MAM

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  1. Where can I find a stone MAM??? Is the hardware silver or gold?

    Thanks gals!
  2. lunaboston will be receiving a second shipment later this month. The hardware is gold. HTH!
  3. I love the Stone! I'll definitely be checking LB often to see if they're finally in stock.
  4. Thanks for the info! Does she have a white/neutral MAM with silver hardware?
  5. The stone is beautiful and so neutral, but I think its better with silver hardware
  6. I agree!! Does it come that way?
  7. ^^ I have not seen any with silver hardware yet!
  8. I have a Dusty MAM with silver hardware. It's neutral but not exactly white.
  9. The stone is a warmer light sandy beige neutral that really looks better with the light gold hardware IMO.
  10. I only saw a photo of someone's stone MAM here, and it is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  11. I just bumped the thread: my new addition. It shows a photo of my stone MAM...
  12. Can any of the stone owners speak on the texture of the leather? Is it glazed? If so, is it soft? It looks very soft but it also looks glazed.
  13. It is glazed and it isn't very soft - at least not to the touch. But it is malleable since the leather is thin rather than thick - meaning it will squish and mold to your body when you carry it.
  14. My stone MAM is by far my favorite. It is glazed and holds it's structure a little more than the matte leathers but is still soft and easy to carry and I agree it molds nicely to the body. The leather is not as thick as my tangerine but the glazed look is similar. I totally prefer the glazed leathers over matte not only for looks but also because they are much less likely to show scratches and are easier to clean. LOVE :love:
  15. yay, thank you and thank you circoit too! I was thinking about this for sample sale time (if there are even any left!) and wondering whether I would prefer it to the dusty. I want something neutral but that will not scratch a lot. Thanks for your tips!