Stone colour: is it grey or beige?

  1. I'd like to buy the MBMJ lovely clutch, but I haven't decided the colour yet!

    I love the stone one, but every picture I see seems to show a different shade!

    After all, is stone similar to grey or to beige?

    Does anybody here has already bought some MBMJ bag in stone?

  2. i know this isn't the most helpful answer, but i would say stone is a little bit of both. it's definitely more on the beige side, but i can see light grey in there. like debora4ever said, it's neutral and a really versatile color. definitely one of the better colors released for fall.
  3. That's what I remember it as. I don't remember it being as brownish as the one on Shopbop. It looks more like the color on these:

    It's a very pretty color. I was considering that or cordovan in the aline.
  4. Thanks for the answers! You certainly helped me a lot! I think I'll probably go for the stone colour!
  5. Maybe I'm insane, but I think in some lights, it even looks a bit lilac-y.
  6. Sure? Oh, God! hehehe.
  7. it's say gray-brown. :-/ sorry i'm not more helpful. i was definitely surprised at how much more "brown" it looked irl, but there's DEF gray in there too. Shopbop and Zappos both have great return policies though, so if you hate the color, you can always send it back.

    (and ita about it being a neutral flexible color)
  8. I just want to say that I'm so happy with Shopbop's service. I ordered the Lovely Aline in Stone in early September. Less than a few weeks later one of the stitches at the top ripped (how I don't know...I only used it a few times). Well, they sent me a prepaid return label and sent me a new bag! They've won my loyalty, but I still wish they had more frequent coupon codes...
  9. I think it's more gray, with some beige undertones.