Stone colors on inclusion bracelets...

  1. My main question is, does the Transparent inclusion bracelet have stones in different colors of the rainbow, like the white inclusion items, or is it simply clear, yellow and red...? It seems that in most pics I only see the clear, yellow and red stones but never blue or green.


    The Berry--I can only see fuschia stones?

    My sub question is, for the yellow, pink, black, and beige inclusion bracelets, what colours stones were present? Pics (if available) are greatly appreciated! Especially of the yellow/pink bracelets since they already weren't around when I got addicted to LV.

    I'm so excited to get mine! I can't wait until Holts calls me to tell me to pick mine up! :yahoo:

    Thanks! :flowers:
    Transparent Inclusion PM.jpg White Inclusion keyring.jpg
  2. Well the beige and black have gold/yellow. I know for a fact there are no other colors in the beige.
  3. Here are my inclusions...


    I'm not sure about the new bracelets, but I can't wait to find out! :yahoo:
  4. OMG that is a BEAUTIFUL picture!! Thanks sooo much!!! I love the pink inclusion, too bad I missed it :crybaby: Is the third from top the yellow one...? Because it doesn't look yellow at all! That size...what size is it? It's larger than the beige & black ones but smaller than the pink? Was there an MM...?
  5. Thanks!

    The third is actually the Pink PM. For some reason they made the PM and the GM different shades of pink (and the yellow PM and GM are different shades of yellow, too, I believe)

    The lighting is a little weird because I had the bracelets in front of the window. The beige is definitely not that dark in real life, but the way the pinks show up is pretty accurate.
  6. I love your pink bracelet heather!!
  7. OMG..I love your inclusions heather..

    I don't know what color should I get..I have beige GM right now. I wonder if the clear one is too close to beige.
  8. I tried the inclusion bracelet in the GM (is that what they call the thicker one) and it falls right off my wrist, do any of you have that problem??? Im so scared it might just fall off & break while Im wearing it
  9. I didn't know there was a clear one! OMG! Now I want one. LOL!
  10. Pretty!! :shame: I just loved how you stacked them on top of one another :P
  11. Goooorgeous! I love all of the inclucions!