Stone color Stam

  1. Has anyone seen one of these IRL or have one?

    I have searched & serached the net & can not find one single picture of this color Stam!
  2. im not familiar with the "stone" stam. by "stone" do you mean the older "mouse" stams or the new grey stams available in fall?
  3. No - it's stone. They have stone & black in the little stam @ the purse store.....
    I actually ordered the stone - 25% off (non sale items code fall25 till 10/21). They described the color for me but I'd love to see pix..... guess I'll have to wait. They said it just came in.
  4. oh that's very pretty! by "stone" i thought it would be more of a grey color, but that dark cream/khaki color is very neutral! congrats on such a pretty bag!
  5. Hi thanks! There are so many variations of stone I was unsure. The poor woman at the purse store searched a bit online too & showed me something as close as she could find - and gave a verbal description but it's so hard to envision without seeing it. I can't wait to see it IRL & will definitely post pix when it comes!
  6. Cool! Can't wait to see your pics. That's awesome that she has the Resort available at a discount. Congrats!
  7. :heart::drool::tup:Pics!!!
  8. they have now added the pix of it in stone to their website:tup:

    [​IMG] Borrowed from thepursestore
  9. Gorgeous color, very close to the putty. Please post pics when you receive it!
  10. OMG! I am soooo tempted....but must resist...:crybaby: Gorgeous, can't wait to see IRL pics!
  11. Yes - I need your willpower - mine's jello!! After this one I am definitely on a ban!!
  12. Ooh I like that color! Definitely post pics!!
  13. Here she is - I actually like the color much better IRL - should go with just about everything!!
    stam1.JPG stam2.JPG stam3.JPG
  14. What agreat deal on that MJ bag! Love the color! VERY versitile! Thanks for sharing IRL photos! and CONGRATS!