Stomp The Yard

  1. I just saw it today and I really enjoyed it. Of course it didn't hurt that there were SO many fine men to look at. Especially Darrin Henson who was a choreographer for NSYNC.

    Anyway, I enjoyed seeing some of my old "stomping grounds" as the film was shot in the AUC.

    I enjoyed seeing the stepping, especially the themes used by each organization in the final showdown before the tiebreaker. It was also interesting how the TNT's were so heavily based on the Alphas. I believe the opposing oragnization was based on the Kappa's, but I'm not entirely sure.

    Most important was the positive portrayal of black greek organizations. They stressed the brotherhood that these organizations are all about. Some people in the theatre seemed to be appalled at the death march scene, but that's not as bad as people seem to think. Either way I would definitely recommend this movie. It was positive, uplifting, and definitely entertaining!:yes:
  2. i went to a step competition in college. all of the NPHC orgs from around the state competed (fraternities and sororities) was by far one of the more fun greek events i attended. i LOVED the comradarie shown. there were 75 year old AKAs and zetas there wearing their colors and shouting those calls with pride! i wish NPC sororities had that kind of alumnae support.

    will definately have to rent this. thanks for the heads up!
  3. My school didn't have the Greek organization, but I remember reading about stomping in Pledged.

    The fraternities featured in the movie aren't real fraternaties, right? (I was watching an interview with the actors and I wondered if real fraternaties were interviewed at all to make the movie.)

    I haven't seen it yet, but I love movies about dancing, and I loved seeing the Greek letters during the previews.
  4. No, they weren't real black fraternities. But they did base those two frats on real black fraternities. Like I said, the TNT's were heavily based on the Alphas. And they did get input from black fraternities. I think many of the people involved in the making of the film are a part of black greek life from what I understand.
  5. Watched it on opening day... LOVED IT!!! :popcorn: :choochoo:
  6. I saw it for my birthday. It was a great movie although I will say it did have some "cheesy" parts. Overall, I really loved the movie and it portrayed a great view of Black Leaders that made a difference in this country and what organization they pledged.
  7. Yeah it did. Even the guy who played DJ said he didn't know so many influential people were in sororities and fraternities. Eleanor Roosevelt was an honorary member of my sorority and many people aren't aware of that.

    On another note, the guy who played DJ apparently is really close friends with Meagan Good. They grew up together. He had to really convince her to do the role.
  8. Eleanor Roosevelt, that one I did know about,I have some family members in the sorority. FDR was very smart for marrying her and for having her help with his presidency. Not so smart for cheating though.

    I will admit my boyfriend thought that fraternities/sororities were dating services. It is interesting he thinks a little bit better of them now because of the movie and because he saw so many great leaders and the strong brotherhood and sisterhood of the members of the fraternities/sororities.

    Meagan Good, well I found her to be a little annoying in the movie. {{{{goes to duck from flying vegetables}}}But then I guess those were the "cheesy" parts of the movie. LOL! Overall, the movie was good and I would recommend the movie to anyone.
  9. i reaaaaally want to see this movie, i go to UGA's stepping competition every year, i love watching it (even though it makes me feel bad for my overwhelming whiteness and lack of ryhthm). i had no idea that they filmed it in the Atlanta University Center. now i really want to see it (i'm a hometown Atlanta girl).
  10. NO flying vegetables coming from me. I don't like Meagan Good. She pouts too much and is prone to being cheesy in her movies.
  11. You are too funny. :roflmfao:

    I didn't know you were an ATL hometown girl. I miss ATL...except for that horrible traffic.
  12. I went to check out STOMP THE YARD with my children 12 & 9. We enjoyed the movie soooo much, we want to go and see it again. My son (12) had so many questions regarding stepping, pledging, questions about HBCU's.

    I loved how the main character DJ, pursued his love interest. He was very respectful and thoughtful, never once calling her out of her name upon being rejected a time or two.

    My daughter (9) on the other hand has been telling us since she was 4 years old that she's gonna be an AKA (her aunt has been grooming her). I'm glad they now have a visual of what the future can hold for them. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD.
  13. Smart child! :graucho:
  14. I found her to be annoying in the movie also and I didn't really think her acting wwas very good. I usually like her, but not in this movie. And I hated just about every one of her outfits.
  15. Funny you mentioned her outfits...everyone one of her outfits were stomach baring or so close to being naked. My boyfriend and I were laughing. It is sad, the most clothing she had on was when she was wearing the boy's boxers. :roflmfao: