**stomp stomp** stomp stomp stomp***

  1. Why doesn't Hermes make a "date bag"? :shrugs:

    If only the medor had a shoulder strap...or whatever happened to the shoulder kelly? somehow my kelly and birkins don't feel right on a hot date with McSmoochie...too dressy somehow, and too formal. But, I don't want to always grab my old standby the chanel baguette with shoulder strap.

    Trim is too casual...berlingot has no hardware and is too mushy...jige and kelly elan and kelly kp are too luncheon-ish...what is a girl to do?

    Hermes needs a sellier shoulder bag big enough to fit a wallet, a lipstick, keys, and a perfume spritzer...and anything else she might need.

    I wonder...my kelly straps with the hooks on the end...I wonder if i could slide those under the medor to make a shoulder strap? or would it look weird...i guess it's too long. i could have it shortened? i never use mine.
    Any suggestions? Anyone?
  2. Hum... I say the heck with it- no need for a wallet- let him pay!! no need for lipstick- all that smooching it just comes off- and no need for perfume- let the pheromones do the trick!! Wella- just saved ya a ton of money!!:graucho::p
  3. Girl!!!

    Of COURSE H has the perfect little bag... a small or mini Kelly. Ninja Sue looks like a million dollars with hers! Small, and perfect. You could even get retourne, to soften the formal look.

    I adore Kelly :love:... and she'll have a strap, too!!
  4. Any suggestions? Anyone?[/quote]

    Hermes does make the perfect date bag.............the plume elan GM. Light, swingy, longish and thinner straps,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,verrrrrrrrrry french-ish, holds a bearn, small karo, cell, etc etc. :heart: Seriously--trust me I have two and thats how I use them. (dates with DH)
  5. i think the mini kelly as angelfish mentioned is a great evening bag :smile:
  6. Oh... the Lydie.... Perfect!
  7. HC - what about Paris Bombay??? Oh no - still hand carry.

    Orrrrrrr.... use a scarf and make a shoulder strap for medor a la HG :graucho:
  8. Or Kelly La Danse with the whole convertible strap option/thingy/doodad :upsidedown:
  9. Heeheeeheeee.........Kelly Elan! PERFECT! Under the radar, small-ish with sexy handles....yep! Perfect date bag.

    Now I need the date......:s
  10. I vote for the mini kelly too or the jpg kelly or... eej so many choices:smile:
  11. A date bag can't possibly be handheld!! Sometimes a girl needs to be hands free!!:graucho:
  12. the Constance! I'd love one for a date bag. :smile:

  13. Oiy vey......I'm answering my own post because I'm a noodle! I meant.....PLUME Elan. NOT Kelly elan. Jesus.........I think I need another martini........

  14. here let me pour............:drinks:
  15. Er......I was wondering about your last post on this thread. I thought this was something new.:confused1:

    I think the Plume Elan would be a great idea, HC. As much as I adore the Medor, I get the impression you want handles.