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  1. I have had a stomachache for three days now. It is right under the sternum area and hurts a little more on the left side. Has anyone gone through this, it is okay when I lay down, but if I stand or eat it really starts to hurt. Could it be a stomach flu? The only thing is I don't have the urge to puke so I don't think it would be that. I've drank soda, alka seltzer, and lots of tea. But nothing, so I was wondering if anybody else has gone through this and what they did to get rid of the pain.
  2. Ugh that must be irritating. Get it checked out!
  3. I've never experienced that. Please call your doctor!
  4. Yes-get it checked out! It might be something serious.
  5. I'll hold out for couple more days but if it keeps going I'm going to have to go to the doctors. But thanks for your responses.
  6. My friend had the worse stomach pain on her side for a few days, she literally would fall over in pain. It hurt worse when she ate. She finally went to the doctors and it was gallstones. They gave her some meds and she was told to watch for the pain but it never came back.
    I forgot what side your gallbladder is on???? It could be that.
    Another friend has problems with diverculitious (spelling????), it acts up a lot and she is supposed to be careful with not eating certain foods. I would think that since it hurts more when you eat that could be a sign that something in your digestive track triggers the pain.
    Then again it could be something as simple as a pulled muscle....
    If I were you I would go to the doctors now, why wait and suffer. Even if the doctor says nothing is wrong it will put your mind at ease.
    My sister had stomach problems and put it off and had to have emergency surgery and about 11 inches of her stomach cut off. Her diverculitious ruptured---this is a woman who is a doctor and should have known better. She was lucky it was not more serious--because it usually is in what she had. My husband had a ruptured appendix but that is the right side, he had no symptoms of the pain near the appendix and was in the hospital for 14 days. So what someone can think is nothing might be something.
    Sorry if this sounds depressing.....better to be safe than sorry in my mind.
  7. sounds like something i had. it felt like someone was stabbing me. it turns out i was under so much stress that my stomach was inflamed. basically they gave me some heart burn medication and it went away within a few days.
  8. Any update, handbag_luvr? did you go to the dr?
  9. I didn't go to the doctors, but turns out it was stress related...similare to batgirl. I did some research online and found that my symptoms were similar to irritable bowel syndrome...gross. But stress was one of the causes which in my cause was true. I have had the stress of my business starting, fiance passing his series 7 test (financial advising), start preparing for my wedding, and my moms recent news of cancer. But I feel much better now, I just ate lighter food and tried not to stress so much. But thank you ladies for all your help and wise input. So far the pain only comes once in a while now.
  10. I'm sorry for the stress you're under, but that's good news. It's amazing how stress can affect our bodies. Best wishes for some serenity ahead and also best wishes to your mom.