Stomach Vacuum

  1. I've been hearing about this ab exercise and how effective it is but I was wondering if it was healthy? I don't know.. something about it makes me a little cautious.
  2. Elaborate? or Link?
  3. Hahaha...LOVE the pictures!

    -Honestly i think this is just what ure suppose to do when ure lifting weights and stuff. I've been told to keep my abs tight and held in while doing weight exercises or sometimse even cardio, because this helps to strengthen ur abs. I've had many friends try this...literally keep ur abs tight during class or during work. I dont think on it's own it works....seems too easy.
  4. I don't think it works. Look how many men spend half their live "sucking it in" and they still don't have six-packs! *LOL*
  5. ^haha omg..ure sooo right.