Stomach/"Man Boobs"

  1. Ive lost about 20-30 lbs, and about 5 inches from my waist im very proud of myself. but how do i flatten my stomach and shrink my "man boobs. both arent enormous but would like to flatten them...LOL! any tips? :smile:
  2. Is it skin or 'stuff'?
    Skin has to be removed {I had this done 3 weeks ago}, otherwise, cardio and weight training!
  3. Its "Stuff." I'll look into Cardio and Weight Training. Thank You! :smile:
  4. Push-Ups?
  5. ^^^^push ups along w/ incline press and decline press... that'll shape up the boob definitely.
  6. Thanks you guys, i keep losing weight but it must be in my waist. very odd :shocked:
  7. ^yeah, we all carry it differently, my weight is lost frm my legs first and my tummy last :sad:
  8. Me too !! :Push:

    I'm working on both right now though ! I'll be carved out of wood by the end of the summer, mark my words !
  9. Does it look like this?

  10. LMAO!!!! :roflmfao::sick::roflmfao::sick:
  11. Is that a gun on his wall?
  12. Same for me! Workin' on it, too. :yes:
  13. uhhh no :shocked: ahahahahah that guy looks like a internet pervert XD
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