Stomach Flu!

  1. Ugh - I'm on day 7 or this awful stomach flu and wanted to check and see who else has it? I heard that it's going around - so it would make me feel better to know how long others have had it for, etc.

    When will this go away!
  2. EEK! Feel better girl!

    Dont have the stomach flu..But I have a KILLER sinus infection...fever and all..that makes me sick to my stomach too..LOL,So I feel yer pain!

    Gets LOTS of fluids and feel better!
  3. My neighbors have had this for almost seven days. It did seem to last forever. Her husband caught it and then one by one everyone in the house had it. You should feel better soon.
    Just make sure you keep hydrated.
  4. ^^Oh good (not good but you know what I mean). It makes me feel better to know that it's lasting a long time with other people too.
    My husband had it first - then 3 days later I got it....bad....

    I just want it to be over.... so awful ...
  5. lots of ginger ale and rest!!

    Also, remember to wash your hands everytime you use the washroom. The ONLY way to catch a stomach bug is to INGEST the if you wash properly then you won't spread it (or catch it).
  6. Hope that you feel better soon!!!

    Lots of people have been getting sick lately
  7. I know how you feel hun - on our first big trip overseas my partner caught a stomach flu. He was sick for about 2 days, I got it and was sick (as in did not consume a thing) for just over a week. The holiday started out a bit rough!
  8. I had mine for 2 weeks...and my stomach was weak on and off for about a month...
  9. ^^Yeah that's me. I'm on day 10 - the main problem now is how tender my stomach is.

    Was yours viral too?